Introducing UofG’s Guide to Research Partnerships: New resource will help Industry to collaborate successfully with researchers

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Research partnership work in research Wael Ahmed's lab.
Master's student Josh Rosettani observes a prototype developed in researcher Wael Ahmed's lab in partnership with FloNergia Inc.

The Research Innovation Office is happy to announce the launch of a new Guide to Research Partnerships with the University of Guelph. We published this guide to help businesses understand what constitutes a research partnership and what to expect when initiating a new project with our institution.

University research partnerships (sometimes also called sponsored research or collaborative research) occur when businesses who have complex problems to solve invest in research to be conducted at a university. This arrangement allows businesses to capitalize on the expertise and facilities that exist at universities and to leverage Canada’s investment in fundamental research.

The Guide to Research Partnerships has been adapted by the University of Guelph, and is based upon a document that was originally developed by The U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities and the Business/Higher Education Roundtable. As such, our version should provide an overview that will be largely consistent with research partnerships at other Canadian universities.

Throughout our version of the guide, you will find examples of successful partnerships that have taken place in the recent past. These examples represent a tiny fraction of the many successful partnerships that occur at UofG on a regular basis; they have been chosen to illustrate the diversity of partnerships and options that can lead to success for all parties.

Current and potential industry partners are urged to download this guide and scan it before they reach out to our Industry Liaison team or to researchers. Researchers are encouraged to share this guide with potential collaborators to ensure that partnerships unfold as easily and as quickly as possible.

Anyone with questions about this guide or about creating a research partnership is welcome to contact us at

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