Introducing the 2021 Gryphon’s LAAIR Pitch Teams

Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2021

Written by Lois Harris

This year’s crop of contestants for the 2021 Gryphon’s LAAIR (Leading to the Accelerated Adoption of Advanced Research) pitch competition is strong, healthy and diversified, with roots in a wide range of disciplines at the University of Guelph.

The finale and the awarding of $17,000 in prize money will happen on May 19th. Get your free tickets today!

Headshot of Mahdiyeh Hasani

Mahdiyeh Hasani

Astra Redex| Mahdiyeh Hasani |

Astra Redex are building portable domestic sanitation systems that enable disinfection of broad items from phones through to strawberries. The technology applies the high disinfection power of hydroxyl-radicals that can inactivate the most resistant microbes within seconds with no negative effects on the item being treated. Unlike many similar systems on the market, the Astra Redex technology has proven efficacy and can be used in the healthcare front lines, disaster zones, in addition to domestic homes.

Headshot of Ryan Appleby

Ryan Appleby

Obi Veterinary Education | Ryan Appleby |

Obi Veterinary Education is online community for veterinary professionals dedicated to building better veterinary practice. Obi includes comprehensive veterinary continuing education broken down into short digestible lessons.

Heashot of Mohammad Khodabakhshisoureshjani

Mohammad Khodabakhshisoureshjani

Digitrack Systems | Mohammad Khodabakhshisoureshjani |

DigiTrack Systems are developing a cloud-based software connecting manufacturers, distributors, and merchants of products in the food/agricultural industry for the recall process including a visual tracking network for the distributed/recalled product and a digitalized, fast, and effective communication in the process.

Headshot of Shawn Shao


BioFerm Functional Foods | Shawn (Hui) Shao | 

BioFerm Functional Foods Inc. offers a range of innovative bakery mixes to consumers in Canada and the US. With their products and online recipe videos, consumers can make fresh, tasty and healthy breads and cakes at home with minimum effort. On average, prep time is less than 10 minutes and you only need water, oil, and eggs. So, you can treat your loved ones with peace of mind.

headshot of Peter Drent

Peter Drent

Guelph Petrographic Imaging | Peter Drent |>

Guelph Petrographic Imaging offers technology and services for identification and quantification of geological properties.

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