Information presented only through audio content is not available to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This also applies to videos with audio content.

In compliance with AODA legislation, all public facing, pre-recorded audio content must include captions and a transcript. Exceptions: If the audio is a media alternative for text and clearly labelled as such, captions and a descriptive text transcript are not required. Note: A media alternative for text is provided for those who benefit from alternate representations of text. Media alternatives for text may be audio-only, video-only (including sign-language video), or audio-video.

How to Fix

  • Provide a descriptive text title for the audio
  • Provide a descriptive text transcript for all pre-recorded audio-only clips (e.g. an audio recording of a speech).
  • Exceptions: In cases where the audio content is a media alternative for text and clearly labelled as such, captions and descriptive text transcripts are not required.

Tips for Descriptive Transcripts

  • Include all dialogue and the identity of who is speaking.
  • Include any non-speech information conveyed through sound (e.g. meaningful sound effects)
  • Include any information that is required to tell the same story and present the same information as the audio.
  • If providing a link to a descriptive text transcript, ensure that the link occurs immediately after the text alternative that identifies the time-based media content.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not rely solely on automated captions.
  • Do not omit any dialogue or important sounds from either the captions or the transcript

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