Welcome to the Office of the Associate Dean Academic

The College of Biological Science (CBS) at University of Guelph is recognized nationally for its diverse & innovative programs, engaged student body and comprehensive support services for undergraduate students.

The Office of the Associate Dean Academic supports all undergraduate programs and services offered by the College of Biological Science (CBS) and its member departments (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, Integrative Biology, and Molecular and Cellular Biology).

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15 hours 20 min ago

RT : Looking forward to a great seminar in a couple of weeks! https://t.co/mEn6xs13et

19 hours 26 min ago

Hey MFB people- are you looking for some ocean themed pumpkin carving inspiration? Check these out. Snap a photo a… https://t.co/IAgNsI8jDe

1 day 9 hours ago

Physiology students investigating earthworm axon action potential! #ZOO3610 “When a worm is suddenly illuminated… https://t.co/mlKnnb6MwL

1 day 16 hours ago

Our ornithology students had visitors last week! Each had a unique story and are great ambassadors to help spread… https://t.co/Trc0H7Mlhx