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University of Guelph
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Can education shape better citizens of the world?

“I started Intrigue Media when I was still in business school here. We help local businesses get noticed and found in their communities. Primarily we do that through online marketing, which is anywhere from website development, Google AdWords, getting found in Google organic, social media, video, email marketing. Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster. I think you can inspire people to be excited about the world of entrepreneurship. That's what happened to me here.”

Paul Demarco
Bachelor of Commerce
Marketing Management, Class of 2011

donation committed to food security, safety and sustainability research.

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“One thing I got from the University of Guelph that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else is the City of Guelph itself. This community is so vibrant. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries in my short life so far, and this is one of the most special communities I’ve ever been a part of.”


donation committed to food security, safety and sustainability research.

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