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When you choose the University of Guelph, you join a community of learners who will shape our world's collective future. Our purpose is to Improve Life and there are many ways to join us.

U of G offers more than 80 undergrad programs, more than 100 graduate and post-doctoral study programs, co-op education in a wide variety of disciplines, support for international students, diploma programs and access to a unique form of higher education at the University of Guelph-Humber.

We’ll help you make the choices – we’ll help you explore the possibilities. Our community is tailored for students, and that difference is noticeable from the first moment you get in touch.



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Most of our students and graduates say their love affair with the University of Guelph started the moment they visited our campus. Join us for a campus tour that includes residence, learning environments, living and dining options, athletics and recreation and more. Take the tour – prepare to explore your future.


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The University of Guelph Admissions team is ready to guide your application process right from the start. We’re here to help answer questions regarding admissions requirements, financing your education, special services and support for students with unique needs and choosing programs.

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a young male student with short dark ahir and glasses, wearing a white lab coat. He looks to be using tools in a research lab to complete work, and the image is overlayed by pictures of a research lab storage cabinet and branches of a peach tree.

How will you feed the world?

“While my research is specifically focused on peaches and nectarines in the Ontario region, it has implications in the developing world, both in Africa and in Asia where fruits like mangos and bananas have up to 50% losses in production. Basically the farmers grow the fruit and half of it is wasted. My research will help them to preserve the fruits for a longer time, thus improving farmer incomes and getting fresher, better-quality produce to consumers.”

Shan Krishna Kumar
Master of Science in Plant Agriculture

donation committed to food security, safety and sustainability research.

A graphic shows the process of feeding 9 billion people. White circular links connect several yellow circles that each show different icons: one shows three illustrated figures; another shows a wheat sheaf; another a truck; and another shows a beaker and test tube. The circle at the centre of all of them captures the words 'Feed 9 Billion People' and it is flanked by an illustrated knife and fork in black.
A male student shows him in a peach orchard, wearing a red, white, black and blue plaid shirt and tossing a small peach fruit up in the air with one hand.

“The University of Guelph is well known as the food university. I feel I’m very well prepared to face the world, because our professors are very involved not only until we graduate, but also in what we are doing after we graduate. They prepare us both in soft skills and hard skills, so that we are able to achieve what we set out to do.”


donation committed to food security, safety and sustainability research.

Choose a life in food, environment or agriculture that interests you most. Choose programs from areas such as:

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