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Ontario Agri-Tech Pitch Competition 2024

The Research Innovation Office at the University of Guelph is excited to announce the Ontario Agri-Tech Pitch Competition in collaboration with the Government of Ontario. By uniting farmers, academics, agri-tech entrepreneurs, and investors, this event will raise awareness about the problems worth solving and showcase investible companies. Join us online to watch as the next generation of new Ontario-based agri-tech start-up companies battle it out to be best in class. The company with the greatest potential to advance the Ontario agri-food sector and beyond will win a grand prize...
Chemistry student in lab with Chem 150 logo in lower left corner

Chemistry's 150th Year (Chem150) Celebration

Celebrate 150 years of chemistry on the University of Guelph campus! On May 1, 1874 the Province of Ontario purchased 480 acres of farmland to create what was then known as the Ontario School of Agriculture. While there was no formal College of Engineering and Physical Sciences as there is now, the topics of chemistry were widely taught in the humble beginnings of what would go on to become the University of Guelph. Join the U of G's Department of Chemistry to celebrate 150 years of chemistry on campus. ...

Building the Agri-Food Data Economy: Valuation and Exchange Realities

Join us for an informative event where panelists will explore challenges in establishing a robust agri-food data economy, addressing issues of data valuation and fair exchange practices while considering economic and ethical factors for resilience and innovation. Register here.  This event is part of the Artificial Intelligence Innovations in Future Farming and Food webinar series, consisting of four panels where experts from the...

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