Research Highlights

Close-up of eye with computer code overlaid

Point and Click

U of G researchers test the limits of artificial intelligence for analyzing ecological images.

Hands outstretched, holding a seedling. Background includes drawn images of chemistry symbols.

Green Science

Research at the University of Guelph’s Electrochemical Technology Centre will help save our planet.

Satellite image showing Quebec.

Seeing Clearly

U of G engineers use machine learning to improve images of our planet.

Photograph of a quantum computer in a laboratory.

A Quantum Leap

U of G researchers explore precision and applications for quantum computing technology.

Colourful drawn image of black hole in the center of the Earth's Milky Way galaxy.

Universal Forces

How gravity behaves around black holes can help us probe centers of galaxies.

Photograph of a woman's eye with an overlay image of a supermarket barcode.

Barcode Cracking

U of G computer scientists and biologists create software to help catalogue our world’s species.

Drink Up

New methods to assess groundwater contamination will help keep our drinking water safe.

iPhone sitting on sudoku puzzle with pen in background

Playing it Smart

U of G researchers create artificial intelligence models that ‘learn’ to solve math puzzles.

A variety of cereal grains

Shape-Shifting DNA

U of G researchers develop new way to detect food contaminants that is simpler and cheaper.

Lab set up with a large NMR system

Protein Puzzles

U of G researchers follow the unfolding of cellular proteins to find out what makes them stable.

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