Welcome to Electronic Access

The University of Guelph is committed to providing services that will enhance the personal safety for every university community member on campus. 

Physical Resources is responsible for coordinating the installation, maintenance and repairs related to the electronic access system for Main Campus University Buildings.  Access to several buildings, corridors and labs are currently controlled with electronic access.  All departments and colleges should use this electronic access sytem to meet their access control needs.  Implementation of electronic access control is optional except in those areas that have been identified and approved as having elevated security concerns or significant life-safety issues.  This website guides you through how to obtain entry into these electronically managed facilities.

Although access to facilities is essential to the smooth and efficient operation of the university, this need must be balanced with an equally critical concern for the security of the facility, it's contents and the occupants.

In general, the university issues keys for its facilities only to eligible individuals based on a rationale of need, not based on a matter of convenience.

University community members can access authorized spaces with electronic access control with an access credential.  This can be either in the form of a University of Guelph I.D. iClass Card or a university issued iClass fob.  This single device can be used as a "key" to access all authorized spaces that have electronic access control.  Access privileges are assigned electronically, eliminating the need to issue and retrieve keys.  When a person loses their access credential, no re-keying is needed.  Records are automatically maintained pertaining to who and when individuals have accessed specific areas.