Access Overview

Buildings, labs and other facilities on campus are equipped with either Electronic Access control or with physical locks and keys.Various campus departments manage access privileges to their doors and buildings. Please follow each departments's procedures to obtain access.Locate the appropriate department contact person on the Contacts page.

Specificially within electronically controlled areas across campus each person can use their U.of.G. access credentialto access authorized spaces.

Access Credentials

To identify yourself to electronic card readers for access, present your access credential to the face of the reader at the door (tap & hold).  The two forms of access credentials with iCLASS technology are:

University of Guelph I.D. Card

University of Guelph ID Card Front
iClass card FRONT
University of Guelph ID Card Back
iClass card BACK

Dedicated Key Fob

University of Guelph iClass Fob front image
University of Guelph iClass Fob back image

University of Guelph I.D. cards are issued by the registrar's office to students, faculty, full-time staff and visiting academics

In time all University of Guelph main campus buildings will be equipped with Electronic Access managed perimeter doors.
All campus community members will be required to carry an iClass enabled I.D. card to access these electronically controlled doors.

If you do not yet possess an iClass enabled I.D. card and require access to electronically controlled buildings, please visit:

Registrial Services
University Centre (Bldg #158)
Level 3.

If you are not eligible for a University of Guelph iClass I.D. card, please follow this process to obtain an iCLASS key fob.