Fall 2023

Courses with an asterisk (*) have lab(s).


Undergraduate Courses 

Course Section Instructor
ECON*1050  Introductory Microeconomics 1, 2 & 3 E. Adomait 
ECON*1050 Introductory Microeconomics DE  P. Martin
ECON*1100 Introductory Macroeconomics DE P. Martin
ECON*2100 Economic Growth and Environmental Quality 1 J. Livernois
ECON*2310 Intermediate Microeconomics 1,2,3 E. Chi
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics 1 L. Cellarier
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 M. Lei
ECON*2650 Introductory Development Economics 1 K. Annen
ECON*2740 Economic Statistics (*) 1&2 A. Maynard
ECON*2740 Economic Statistics (*) 3 J. Zhang
ECON*2770 Introductory Mathematical Economics 1,2 H. Li
ECON*2770 Introductory Mathematical Economics 3 A. Sadanand
ECON*3500 Urban Economics 1 P. Anglin
ECON*3530 Industrial Organization 1 H. Thille
ECON*3620 International Trade 1 P. Martin
ECON*3710 Advanced Microeconomics (*) 1,2 J. Amegashie
ECON*3740 Introduction to Econometrics (*) 1,2 M. Plesca
ECON*3810 Advanced Macroeconomics  1 L. Cellarier
ECON*4400 Managerial Economics 1 F. Tapon
ECON*4640 Advanced Econometrics 1 L. Grogan
ECON*4710 Advanced Topics in Microeconomics 1 M. Hoy
ECON* 4830 Economic Development 1 K. Annen
ECON*4900 Special Study in Economics 1 -
ECON*4910 Special Study in Economics 1 -
ECON*4930 Environemental Economics 1 J. Livernois
FIN*2000 Introduction to Finance 1,2 N. Bower
FIN*3000 Investments 1 F. Tapon
FIN*3000 Investments 2 N. Gradojevic
FIN*3100 Corporate Finance 1 Z. Fan
FIN*3200 Fundamentals of Derivatives 1 F. Liu
FIN*3300 The Strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions 1 N. Bower
FIN*3400 International Finance 1&2 M. Li
FIN*4900 Special Study in Finance 1 -


Graduate Courses 

Course  Section Instructor
ECON*6000 Microeconomic Theory I 1 A. Sadanand
ECON*6020 Macroeconomic Theory I   1 S. Kosempel
ECON*6060 Mathematical Methods of Econometrics 1 J. Goertz
ECON*6140 Econometrics 1 T. Stengos
ECON*6350 Economic Development 1 K.Annen
ECON*6500 Microeconomic Theory MA 1 K. Annen
ECON*6900 Doctoral Research Seminar 1 K. Annen
ECON*6940 MA Research Project 1 -
FIN*6000 Asset Pricing 1 N. Gradojevic