MA Research Projects

Month Title Candidate
August 2021  Do government intervention and foreign aid reduce shrinking? Research focused on negative growth Zhibo Ye (Advisor: K. Annen)
August 2021 Carbon Emissions and Corporate Profitability in Canada Shehani Wanniarachchi (Advisor: I. Tsiakas)
August 2021 Employment and Mental Health Status: The Impact of the COVID Labor Market on Youth and Older Workers in Canada Arjanny Villasis (Advisor: L. Grogan)
August 2021 Spot Crude Oil Threshold CAPM Model Chenyi Suo (Advisor: Y. Sun)
August 2021 The Impact of the Ebola Epidemic on Teenage Births in Guinea Olaitan Ogunnote (Advisor: L. Grogan)
August 2020 Predictability of the Buffett Yardstick Ratio Máté Bors (Advisor: Y. Sun)
August 2019 CVS Health and Danaher Security Analysis  Guanghong Ou (Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2019 Socioeconomic factors and their relationship to first world war survival rates Nico Meffe (Advisor: K. Inwood)
August 2019 Cryptocurrency Price Flows with Artificial Neural Networks Sami Abdurahman (Advisor: N. Gradojevic)
August 2019 The Dynamics of Occupational Structure of Chinese Workforce in Canada, 1881-1921 Weiguan Wang (Advisor: K. Inwood)
August 2019 The impact of rankings information on improving performance Xiaohan Yu (Advisor: B. Cadsby)
August 2018 Increasing Productivity Using Performance Ranking Information Altanchimeg Algaa (Advisor: B. Cadsby)
August 2018 Alternative Demographic Ratio Definitions and their Implications for Stock Valuations Jordan Smith (Advisor: A. Maynard)
August 2018 Ownership Concentration, Common Risk Factors, & Stock Returns Michael Di Carlo (Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2018 Employment Income Disparities for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada from 2001‐2011 by Education, Field of
Study, and Sexual Identity
Mark Grant (Advisor: M. Plesca)
August 2018 ‘Life Expectancy and GDP in China: A Time Series' Sishi Xu (Advisor: T. Stengos)
August 2018 Is there a bubble in Beijing's Housing Market? Xiaohe Ma (Advisor: M. Li)
August 2018 A Stock Selection Framework Based on Deep Stacked Autoencoder Yue Hu (Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2018 China’s Monthly Capital Flight over 2015‐2017 Yili Zhang (Advisor: M. Li)
July 2018 Does Policy Dependent Aid Impact The World Bank’s Country Policy and Institutional Assessment Rating? Alexander Meek (Advisor: K. Annen)
June 2018

Forecasting Bitcoin Returns with Simple Technical Indicators and Neural Networks

Robert Adcock
(Advisor: N. Gradojevic)
December 2017 How Mines Affect China's Development Finance in Africa

Lihui Liu
(Advisor: K. Annen)

December 2017 The Impacts of Female Education and Life Expectancy on Economic Growth in the Far East Countries: A panel Data Analysis

Han Zhang 
(Advisor: T. Stengos)

August 2017 Panel Data Model with Fixed Effects: A comparative Study Yougxu Yao
(Advisor: Y. Sun)
August 2017 Cigarette Money Jianwei Yang
(Advisor: M. Li)
August 2017 Security Analysis- Transcontinental Inc. Zhuoyan Xie
(Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2017 A study on China's Shadow Banking Development Ziwei Sun
(Advisor: M. Li)
August 2017 An Analysis of Canada’s Climate Change Mitigation Policies with a focus on Ontario’s Cap and Trade System and the Environmental and Economic Outcomes Megan Stansfield
(Advisor: T. Genc)
August 2017 Universal Corporation Security Analysis Report Miguel Rosa
(Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2017 FDI inflows in the new century and their effect on trade in selected East and Southern African countries Davies Nyachieng’a
(Advisor: M. Li, D. Prescott)
August 2017 Ensign Energy Inc. Security Analysis

Kyle MacKenzie
(Advisor: F. Tapon)

August 2017 Simultaneous Proposal Algorithm and Signaling Model in Two-sided Matching Market Yibin Li 
(Advisor: A. Sadanand)
August 2017 A Qualitative Analysis of Polaris Industries Inc  Charles Kovacs
(Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2017 The sunk cost fallacy in the NBA: evidence using player salary and playing time Alexander Hinton
(Advisor: Y. Sun)
August 2017 US natural gas market reacts to shocks in the crude oil market De Gi
(Advisor: T. Genc)
August 2017 Corby Spirits and Wine Limited Case Analysis Caijun Fu
(Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2017 Empirical Evidence of Housing Bubbles in the Ontario Housing Market

Weiguang Chen
(Advisor: M. Li)

August 2017 Stock analysis Report - RGC Resources (RGCO) Kexin Chen
(Advisor: F. Tapon)
August 2017 Empirics of emerging markets international reserves holding under high capital mobility, commodity trade shocks and short‐term external debt

Theo Braimah Awanzam
(Advisor: M. Li,
L. Grogan)

July 2017 Aggregate market expectations of the Greek crisis Eleonora Papanastasiou
(Advisor: N. Gradojevic, T. Stengos)
May 2017 Companies' market value drivers
An analysis of the Dow Jones components: 1999‐2016
Davide Orlandini
(Advisor: F. Tapon, Y. Sun)
August 2016 The role of robust skewness and kurtosis in portfolio allocation between US and World stock market Mengke Luo
(Advisor: A.Maynard)
August 2016 Factors in Affecting Market Fundamentals of Short-run Canadian Natural Gas Export Price Linxiao Huang
(Advisor: T.Genc)
August 2016 Crude oil price and Macroeconomic relationship: A Factor Augmented Vector Error Correction Approach. Richard Darko
(Advisor: T.Genc)
August 2016 The Impacts of Female Education and Total Life Expectancy on Economic
Growth in the Middle East and North Africa: A Panel Data Analysis
Nazlican Sahan
(Advisor: T.Stengos)
August 2016 Predictive Analytics: A Study of Vehicle Pricing Justin Kowalczyk
(Advisor: R.Kirkegaard)
July 2016 Ownership Concentration, Common Risk Factors, & Stock Returns Stephen Elliot
(Advisor: F.Tapon, A.Maynard)
July 2016 International Investment: A Financial Literature Survey

Erica Alvarez
(Advisor: F.Tapon)

July 2016 Aid Effectiveness on Growth: Does the Measurement of Aid Really Matter? Shawana Khan
(Advisor: K.Annen)
June 2016 A Cross Country Analysis on Top Income Inequality Kyel Governor
June 2015 The Golden Period of Pakistan: A Time-Differentiated Decompositional Growth Analysis of the First Three Five-Year Centralized Economic Plans Asad Ejaz Butt (Advisor: K. Inwood)
August 2014 Credit Easing policy's impact on Chinese real estate market Yi Zhang
(Advisor: Y.Sun)
August 2014 The Solar Photovoltaic Module Industry in Energy Market Xin Shi
(Advisor: T.Genc)
August 2014 The effect of depreciation of Canadian dollars on Canadian trade ratio Xida Ouyang
(Advisors: M.Li, A.Maynard)
August 2014 Are we enslaving or facilitating women empowerment? : A Bangladesh Case Takmila Mysha
(Advisor: Y.Sun)
August 2014 The Impact of Bed Bugs on Apartment Rents in the United States Nicholas Manuel
August 2014 Evaluating the environmental effectiveness and cost-efficiency of water quality trading in the South Nation watershed, Ontario, Canada Richard McNeil
(Advisor: R.McKitrick)
August 2014 Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in China Mi Tang
(Advisor: T.Genc)
August 2014 Foreign aid effectiveness in the global arena and South Asia Mohammad Kabir
(Advisors: Y.Sun, K.Annen)
August 2014 The Impact of the Great Recession on Marginal Propensity to Consume: An Empirical Study from the U.S. Households Mengqi Zhan
(Advisor: Y.Sun)
August 2014 Influence of Wind Power on Hourly Electricity Prices and Noise Levels for Ontario, Canada Jianyu Zhang
(Advisor: T.Genc)
August 2014 The Performance of Canadian Equity Funds Constructed with Fundamental Weights Jason Di Reto
(Advisor: F.Tapon)
July 2014 The Equity Premium and Business Cycles: A Defense of Predictability Ranella Billy
(Advisors: I.Tsiakas, Y.Sun)
July 2014 Combining Economic Fundamentals to Predict Exchange Rates Brant Munro
(Advisors: I.Tsiakas, A.Maynard)
March 2014 Do high-income countries generate electricity more cleanly? Kyle Leary
(Advisor: D.Prescott) 
September 2013 What Drives Canadian Housing Price in the Long Run? Wenhao Lu
(Advisors: D.Prescott, M.Li)
August 2013 A Study on 2012-13 Cypriot Financial Crisis and Modeling the Effects of Deposit Insurance on Banking Crises Ziheng Li
(Advisors: M.Li, A.Sadanand)
August 2013 Take-over Bids: Theory, Reality and the Free-Rider Problem Da Lin
(Advisor: B.Cadsby)
August 2013 The effect on insurance and incentives of government relief for natural disasters Xiaolei Ma
(Advisor: Y.Sun)
August 2013 The difference of labour force participation probability between Canadian immigrants and natives Pu Ren
(Advisors: Y.Sun, M.Plesca)
August 2013 Exchange Rate Predictability Using Combined Forecasts Kwanyong Kim
(Advisor: I.Tsiakas)
August 2013 The effects of new cooperative medical scheme on rural residents’ insurance choice in China Haibin Zhang
(Advisors: Y.Sun, B.Ferguson)
August 2013 The Impact of Contract Structure and Incentives on Player Performance in the National Hockey League: A Fixed Effects Analysis Franz Henke
(Advisors: M.Plesca, B.Cadsby)
August 2013 End-of-the-month effect of Canadian equity and potential window dressing manipulations by fund managers Denis Varshavsky
(Advisors: A.Maynard, V.Alexeev)
July 2013 The Causal Dynamics Between Energy Consumption and GDP:  An Overview of 16 OECD Countries Using Panel and Time Series Data  Ben LeFort
(Advisor: R.McKitrick)
June 2013 Explaining Youth Arrests: An Economic and Sociological Approach Adrian Rhohit Dass
(Advisor: T.Stengos)
January 2013 Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Location Effects on EQAO Test Results in Ontario Mary Devlin
(Advisor: K.Annen)
August 2012 The Effects of Internet Saturation on Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries (Abstract) Neil Verkade
(Advisor: A. Maynard)
August 2012 The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on the Canadian Provincial Unemployment (Abstract) Shruti Maken
(Advisor: A. Maynard)
August 2012 The Cost of Wind Power in Ontario: A look at the competitive feasibility of wind generated electricity and the current FIT program (Abstract) Jefferson Harding
(Advisor: T. Genc)
August 2012 Modeling Alternative Energy Investment (Abstract) Eric Nguyen
(Advisor: A. Maynard)
August 2012 Solar Energy in Ontario: The cost of replacing coal and the benefits from FIT rates (Abstract) Kavita Valarmathi
(Advisor: T. Genc)
August 2012 The Relationship between Health, Wealth, and Caste in India: A Non-Linear Investigation (Abstract) Sarah Salih
(Advisor: A. Maynard)
August 2012 The Weighting Method of Financial Stress Index Matters: An Empirical Analysis (Abstract) Dan (Sabrina) Gong
(Advisor: Y. Sun)
July 2012 The Composition of Government Spending and Growth (Abstract) Amit Summan
(Advisor: K. Annen)
June 2012 The Kuznets Hypothesis: A sensitivity analysis using multiple regression specifications (Abstract) Eric Lindsay
(Advisor: T. Stengos)
December 2011 Natural Resources, Education and Economic Growth Sepideh Ghafouri
(Advisor: A. Maynard)
December 2011 Predicting Market Power in the Ontario Wholesale Electricity Market Nahal Azimi
(Advisor: T. Genc)
September 2011 Effects of Vocational Training on Wage Income for Villagers: the Evidence from Rural China Haigang Wang
(Advisor: L. Grogan)
August 2011 Generation Length of Hardware in Multi-Sided Markets with Indirect Network Effects Josh Hoy
(Advisor: H. Thille)
August 2011 A Dynamic Model of Equilibrium Selection in Signaling Markets with Finite Memory Greg Galay
(Advisor: R. Kirkegaard)
August 2011 Is China near the great wall? Economic slowdowns and discussion on China Tingting Jiang
(Advisor: L. Cellarier)
August 2011 Family Businesses and Firms in Canada Bowen Wang
(Advisor: B. Cadsby)
August 2011 The Foreign Exchange Carry Trade for Canadian Investors Tian Feng
(Advisor: I. Tsiakas)
July 2011 Do people respond to smog alerts? Evidence from changes in asthma-related hospital admissions before and after the introduction of smog alerts Matthew Pot
(Advisor: R. McKitrick)
July 2011 The Lender of Last Resort, Moral Hazard and Capital Requirements in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis Xiao Liang
(Advisor: M. Li)
July 2011 The Balassa-Samuelson Effect in China and its Implications for China’s Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate Yu Chen
(Advisor: M. Li)
July 2011 Energy Switching in a Small Open Economy: An Application to Ontario Road Energy Demand Kevin Hendriks
(Advisor: H. Thille)
June 2011 The Increase in Female Enrolment and Graduation from University: Trends and Causes Nicole Broderick
(Advisor: M. Plesca)
June 2011 Examination and sensitivity analysis of the reverse regression approach to determining discrimination Ioannis Sivenas
(Advisor: T. Stengos)
June 2011 Price Regime Effects on Residential Water Demand in Canada James Capotosto
(Advisor: J. Livernois)
June 2011 Factors Affecting the Rate of Obesity on Canada and the USA – Evidence from the Joint Canada USA Health Survey Rahela Dina
(Advisor: B. Ferguson)
October 2010 Balancing Benefits and Employment Incentives for Those With Disabilities Kristopher Kuysten
(Advisor: M. Hoy)
September 2010 Investigating Electoral Reform in Canada: The Option of Mixed-Member Proportionality Kyle Grant
(Advisor: J. Goertz)
August 2010 Migrants' Remittances and Education: Evidence from Albania Drew Pihlainen
(Advisor: L. Grogan)
August 2010 An Investigation of the Public-Sector Pension Differential and Retirement Expectations in Europe Sara Hoare
(Advisor: D. Prescott)
August 2010 Short Term Exchange Rate Volatility:  Purchasing Power Parity, Forecasting, and Interest Rate Differentials Tyler Lawson
(Advisor: Y. Sun)
August 2010 Beyond Joint Liability Lending: Reexamining the Impact of Contract Type on Repayment Rates in Latin American Microfinance Mallory Baxter
(Advisor: K. Annen)
August 2010 Examining the Gender Wage Gap Across Canada: An Empirical Approach Cortney Simkins
(Advisor: M. Plesca)
September 2009 Stock Market Overreaction and Complacent Management: How to Reconcile Reversal Patterns in Stock Returns and Firm Life Cycles Yi "Louie" Lu 
(Advisors: F. Tapon, A. Maynard)
August 2009 Linear Invalidity of the "Mincer Equation" in the Canadian Labor Market Jiayuan "Jennifer" Teng
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
August 2009 Labor Market Outcomes and the Temporary Help Agencies in the United States Fraser Summerfield
(Advisors: L. Grogan, M. Plesca, T. Stengos)
August 2009 On the Empirical Effect of Human Capital on Economic Growth Diana Alessandrini 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, A. Maynard)
August 2009 The Computer Wage Premium in Canada in 1994 and 2000 Xiaoxiao "Sissi" Han 
(Advisors: M. Pesca, L. Grogan)
August 2009 Analysis of the Determinants and Decision of Suicide Robert Bright 
(Advisors: L. Cellarier, S. Kosempel)
August 2009 Stock Return Predictability: A Comparison of Two Seemingly Similar Markets Paul Lirette 
(Advisors: A. Maynard, K. Inwood)
July 2009 C02 Emissions During Business Cycles Timothy Scholz
(Advisors: R. McKitrick, A. Maynard)
April 2009 Smoking, BMI and Demand for Medical Care Alfia Karimova 
(Advisors: B. Ferguson, M. Plesca)
December 2008 The Analysis of Efficient Foreign Exchange Market in China Xi Susan Chen 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
December 2008 The Cost of Compliance on Offshore Financial Centers Lynette Okado 
(Advisors: P. Martin, M. Plesca)
October 2008 Factor Price Adjustments With Wage Rigidity: Implications for the Canadian Economy Brad Norwood 
(Advisors: P. Martin, C. Southey)
September 2008 A Model of Price Spikes in Two Markets and an Analysis of the Risks of Expanded Trade Between Them Peter Steele-Mosey 
(Advisors: A. Maynard, H. Thille)
August 2008 Climate Variations, Extreme Weather and the Market Value of Insurance Firms Robert Keyes 
(Advisors: R. McKitrick, M. Hoy)
August 2008 An Alternative Approach to Private Sector Crude Oil Forecasting for Explaining the Dynamics of Exploration in Canada Scott Legree 
(Advisors: H. Thille, A. Maynard)
August 2008 The Impact of Firm and Industry Specific Risk on Outside Director Contracts Craig Ferguson 
(Advisors: M. Hoy, J.A. Amegashie)
August 2008 Income Contingent Repayment Schemes and the Canadian Student Loans Program Alexander Jokic 
(Advisors: M. Hoy, B. Ferguson)
August 2008 Field of Study and Its Effect on the Youth Job Market Dan Embury 
(Advisors: M. Plesca, M. Hoy)
August 2008 An Analysis of the 2004-05 NHL Lockout: Have the Objectives Been Accomplished and Is There Now League Wide Collusion? Kevin Silber 
(Advisors: D. Prescott, J.A. Amegashie)
August 2008 International Tourism Demand for Costa Rica Gabriela Lacayo 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
August 2008 Real GDP Per Capita Cointegration Among the ASEAN5. Is There a Case for a Common Regional Currency? Sui Lay Tan
(Advisors: B. Ferguson, A. Maynard)
July 2008 Price Forecasting in Day-Ahead Ontario Electricity Market (OEM) Yuan Tracey Tian 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
July 2008 Does FDI Foster Economic Growth? Dynamic Panel Data GMM Estimators Joniada Milla
(Advisors: T. Stengos, A. Maynard)
May 2008 New Vehicle Sales in Ontario as Influenced by Changes in Retail Regular Unleaded Gasoline Prices Michael Akyaw
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
April 2008 Diversification Benefits and EMU Equity Market Integration: An Empirical Study of iShares MSCI Index Funds of European Countries Yuting Han
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
November 2007 Monitoring Mobile Telecommunication's Effect on Africa's Growth Will Santo
(Advisors: T. Stengos, L. Cellarier)
November 2007 FDI and Growth: A Robustness Analysis Jingjing Du 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
October 2007 Are Corporate Researchers Morally Corrupt? Kathleen Rodenburg
(Advisors: M. Hoy, J.A. Amegashie)
August 2007 Probit Analysis of Censored Data: A Fuzzy Set Approach Li Lily Li 
(Advisors: D. Prescott, T. Stengos)
August 2007 Minimum Wage Increases: Help or Harm? Analysis on Minimum Wage Increases and the Effects on Low Income Families in Canada Amanda Jarvis 
(Advisors: M. Plesca, P. Martin)
August 2007 The Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Canadian Labour Market Nan Wang 
(Advisors: M. Plesca, P. Martin)
August 2007 Oil Prices and the Stock Market: A Study on the Effects of OPEC Price Shocks on GCC Countries Stock Market and Testing EMH in the Oil Market Ahmed Chilmeran
(Advisors: T. Stengos, Y. Sun)
August 2007 The Specification Analysis of Cross-Country Growth Regressions: Institutions and Augmented Solow Model Approach Mehmet Pinar 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, K. Inwood)
August 2007 The Impact of FDI on Growth Spyridon Boikos 
(Advisors: T. Stengos, L. Cellarier)
August 2007 Income Distribution Among Provinces in Canada 1973-1997 Zhi Leon Li
(Advisors: T. Stengos, M. Hoy)
April 2007 International Diversification: A Risk-Return Analysis of International Portfolios (1996-2005) Ying Yang
(Advisors: F. Tapon, Y. Sun)
April 2007 Confucian Values and Attitudes Toward Time Discounting and Financial Risk Yan Zhou 
(Advisors: C.B. Cadsby, K. Annen)
January 2007 An Anthropometric Study of the Standard of Living and Degree of Marginality in Ontario and Quebec, 1870-1900 James Yool
(Advisors: K. Inwood, J. Cranfield)
September 2006 Are Redistributive Land Reforms Feasible? Guatemala as a Case Study Christopher Gregory (Advisor: K. Inwood)
August 2004 Regional Effects of the Wheat Boom Tracy Dawson (Advisor: K. Inwood)
April 2004 Farm Size, Land Productivity and Factor Utilization: The Economic Case for Guatemalan Land Reform in 1950

Dylan Ramshaw (Advisor: K. Inwood)

December 2000

A Comparison of Manufacturing Productivity in Canada and the US in the Late 19th Century

Leonardo Bozza (Advisor: K. Inwood)
1997 Patterns of Property Ownership by the Women of Guelph, 1871 vs 1891

Susan Ingram (Advisor: K. Inwood)

1997 The Origins of Regional Development in Atlantic Canada Patricia Embleton (Advisor: K. Inwood)
September 1995 Estimates of Labour Force Participation in South Wellington, 1871 Alex Goddard (Advisor: K. Inwood)
December 1993 Beer and Spirits in Nineteenth Century Ontario: What We Know and What We Don’t Know Christopher French (Advisor: K. Inwood)
1990 Household Behaviour and the Allocation of Time: The Case of Cloth Production on Ontario Farms in 1860 Anastasia Lintner (Advisor: K. Inwood)