May 10: Information for Incoming Economics Grad Students

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010

May 10 Update: Preliminary Quantitative Methods (PQM) Online Course

To help students prepare for the M.A. Economics program, the Department of Economics offers an on-line pre-MA mathematics and statistics course. Students work at their own pace. A teaching assistant will be available to assist with any difficulties that may arise.

Course Objectives:

1) To review a series of mathematical topics and help prepare incoming MA students for graduate level courses in economics.

2) To identify students who may need additional preparation in mathematics.

The course is not intended to be intimidating or an unreasonable burden but we do expect students to have completed all modules by Sept. 2. We have created the course to help students get the greatest possible benefit from their graduate studies at Guelph. It will help, for example, in course selection and program planning. We have designed the course at the undergraduate level rather than the graduate level.

During orientation week (first full week of September), we will hold a two-hour examination based on the material in the on-line course. The results of the exam will be used only for counselling purposes - that is, for course selection and program planning.


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