January 20: Four Research Assistant Awards

Four department members that applied to the CME-Research Assistant Program for the summer 2012 have received awards. (See below for the award holders and project titles.) A person interested in applying for one of these positions must be a CME student, eligible to work in Canada, returning to academic studies the following semester, and have a minimum 70% cumulative average.

Talat Genc, "Industrial organization of wholesale electricity markets".

Louise Grogan, "Institutions and economic growth: Evidence from the Colombian Census data 1778-2005".

January 17: New Administrative Appointments

On January 1st Professor Ross McKitrick began a new administrative appointment. Ross is now the Acting Associate Dean of Research for the College of Management and Economics.

As of January 1st Professor John Livernois has switched roles, from Chair of the Department of Econoimcs and Finance to Acting Associate Vice-President of Research. He expects to be in his new role for a period of 4 to 6 months. During this time Stephen Kosempel will be Acting Chair of the Department


December 16: Research publication successes

There have been many success stories in the past year. Economics and Finance faculty won 5 prestigious research grants from SSHRCC; and many faculty published their research in some of the top scholarly journals.  Most recently, three of our faculty published in very prestigious journals.  Rene Kirkegaard's, "A Mechanism Design Approach to Ranking Asymmetric Auctions" is forthcoming in Econometrica, a journal consistently ranked in the top 3, often first, in the world.  Michael Hoy's "Measuring Lifetime Poverty" Vol 146 (6) Nov.

December 6: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment

 Dr. Aurangzeb, a recent PhD graduate from Guelph, will present his paper "The Role of FDI and Exports in a Dualistic Growth Model Framework: An Application of Smooth Coefficient Semiparametric Approach" on Friday at 3:30 pm in Mack 720.  All are welcome.   

December 2: Visiting Speaker on the Flu Vaccine

Professor Osman Ozaltin, University of Waterloo, will present his research on "Optimizing the Strain Selection for the Annual Influenza Vaccine Design" on Friday at 3:30 pm in Mack 311.  All welcome.  

November 22: Keeping Your Options Open

 Professor Jean Guillaume Forand, Univeristy of Waterloo, will present "Keeping Your Options Open" in the Friday seminar at 3:30 in Mack 311.  

November 15: The Environmental Kuznets Curve

Professor Marcel-Cristian Voia from Carleton University will present his research on "The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Tipping Points and Uncertainty" in the next seminar slot on Friday at 3:30 pm in Mack 311. 

November 8: Seminar on Inequality Measurement

 Professor Ray Rees of the University of Munich will present a paper in the Friday seminar (3:30 pm Mack 311) on "Approaches to Inequality Measurement Within and Between Households".   

November 2: Visiting Speaker on Thursday

 Professor Ross Hickey from UBC Okanagan will present his paper "Connections or Human Capital: What Matters when Lobbying the Government of Canada" on Thursday Nov 3 at 3:30 in Mack 313. 

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