October 24: Visiting Speaker Today

Dr. Peter Matthews from Middlebury College in Vermont will present his paper "Buckets and Other Auctions for Charity" in Mack 311 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm October 24.  

October 19: Visiting Speaker Series Resumes

The Department hosts a visitor most Fridays during the fall and winter semesters.  Professor Lisa Kramer from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management will give a paper this Friday at 3:30 in Mack 311 entitled "Seasonal Asset Allocation: Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows".  Last week, Professor Tim Vogelsang from Michigan State University gave a paper entitled "Multivariate Trend Comparisons between Autocorrelated Climate Series with General Trend Regressors".  

Sept 13: Inaugural Distinguished Visiting Lecturer

 The Department of Economics and Finance is pleased to announce that Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, will be our Inaugural Distinguished Visiting Lecturer for fall 2011. He will deliver a talk entitled "The Serious Challenges Faced by the European Union" on Thursday September 22 starting at 2 PM at the Arboretum. He will speak for approximately half an hour, and then take questions until about 3:10. He will then stay for a reception with attendees of the lecture until 3:40. Please register at 

August 29: Economics alumnus to become CIO at Queen's

 Congratulations to Bo Wandschneider (MA 1987) who has accepted the position of Associate Vice Principal (Information Technology Services) and Chief Information Officer at Queen's University.  Bo was the Computer Coordinator in the Department of Economics for 10 years before being hired away by the Computing and Communications Services Department at the University of Guelph where he rose to become Deputy CIO and Associate Director.    

July 18: Miana Plesca wins Arrow Prize

Congratulations Miana! Berkeley Electronic Press announced that Professor Miana Plesca of the University of Guelph is the winner of this year’s Kenneth J. Arrow Prize for Junior Economists for her article “The Impact of Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations on Training Decisions,” which was published in The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics and co-authored with Vincenzo Caponi (Ryerson University, IZA & RCEA) and Guelph PhD alumni Professor Burc Kayahan (Acadia University).

June 13: Economists win the John Vanderkamp Prize

Congratulations go to Guelph Professors Emeriti Louis Christofides and Robert Swidinsky.  They have been awarded the John Vanderkamp Prize for their paper "The Economic Returns to Knowledge and Use of a Second Official Language: English in Quebec and French in the Rest of Canada" that was published in the June 2010 edition of Canadian Public Policy.   This prize, which is awarded annually to the best paper, is named for the late John Vanderkamp who was a member of the Department of Economics at Guelph and Dean of the College of Social Sciences.  Dr.

June 7: Economics PhD Students win scholarships

Congratulations go to Marcel Oestreich and Fraser Summerfield who have been awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarships.   Marcel's dissertation is on the economics of environmental enforcement policy.   His research is motivated by the fact that it is often prohibitively costly to continuously monitor every polluter’s pollution emissions.  Therefore, market-based instruments, as well as command-and-control programs, must rely heavily on a requirement for polluters to self-report their pollution emissions. Designing the policy to encourage truthful reporting then becomes an important challenge.

May 17: The 2010 Arrow Prize for Junior Economists

Congratulations go to University of Guelph Professor Miana Plesca and former PhD student Burc Kayahan (now Assistant Professor at Acadia University). Their paper, "The Impact of Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations on Training Decisions" has been selected as one the two finalists for the 2010 Kenneth J Arrow Prize for Junior Economists. Berkeley Electronic Press awards this prize every year for the very best work published in their economics journals. The Arrow Prizes for Junior and Senior Economists are named in honour of Kenneth J.

May 2: The department has a new name

The Department of Economics & Finance is the new name for the department.  The name change reflects changes that have occurred in recent years in the department to include faculty whose research interests lie in the areas of Financial Economics and Financial Econometrics as well as the growth of our undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce major in Management Economics and Finance.  We continue to offer robust undergraduate programs in Economics (BA Honours) and Environmental Economics and Policy (BSc, Env. Sci) and well-established graduate programs: MA and PhD in Economics.   

April 15: Visiting Scholar

Professor Marie-Claire Villeval from the University of Lyon visits the department for the week of April 18 - 22.  She will present a public lecture on Tuesday at 3:00 pm entitled "From Freakonomics to Neuroeconomics: the Role of Incentives" in MacDonald Institute 300 and will present a paper in the visiting speaker series on Thursday at 3:30 entitled "Intermittent Rewards and the Persistence of Effort" in Mack 304.  Professor Villeval is Associate Editor at the Journal of Public Economic Theory and at the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization.

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