Summer 2013

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Courses with an asterisk (*) have lab(s). 

Course Section Number Instructor
ECON*1050 Introductory Microeconomics DE Sergiy Pysarenko
ECON*1100 Introductory Macroeconomics DE Eleni Antzouli
ECON*2100 Economic Growth & Environmental Quality DE Esmond Lun
ECON*2310 Intermediate Microeconomics DE Mustafa Koroglu
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics DE Robert Bright
ECON*2560 Theory of Finance DE Tahsin Mehdi
ECON*2770 Introductory Math Economics DE Michael Batu
ECON*3660 Economics of Equity Markets DE Vitali Alexeev
ECON*4400 Economics of Organizations & Corporate Governance DE Kathleen Rodenburg
SCMA*2000 Quantitative Methods in Business   Henk Brand
BADM*3000 Finance   David Birkett