Summer 2021

Courses with an asterisk (*) have lab(s).

Undergraduate Courses 

Course Section Instructor
ECON*1050 Introductory Microeconomics DE P. Martin
ECON*1100 Introductory Macroeconomics DE P. Martin
FIN*2000 Introduction to Finance DE N. Bower
ECON*2310 Intermediate Microeconomics DE H. Asiamah
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics DE J. Lee
ECON*3900 Intermediate Study in Economics 1 B. Ferguson
ECON*4400 Managerial Economics DE T. Genc
ECON*4900 Special Study in Economics 1 F. Tapon

Graduate Courses 

Course Section Instructor
ECON*6930 Reading Course 1  
ECON*6940 Research Project 1