Visiting Speaker Seminars 2019-2020

Contact: Prof. Delong Li

All seminars are on Friday at 3:30 p.m. in MCKN 311, unless otherwise indicated. 

Date Title Speaker Host
September 13

Gender Inequality and Economic Growth:

Evidence from Industry-Level Data

Ljubica D. Djordjevic


N. Gradojevic

September 23

*special date

MCKN 720

12 - 1 PM

Market-wide Events and Time Fixed Effects

Elvira Sojli

UNSW Business School

I. Tsiakas

September 30

*special date

MCKN 317

Nonparametric Econometrics: An Overview

Aman Ullah

UC Riverside

T. Stengos
October 4

Efficient estimation of parameters in marginals 

in semiparametric multivariate models

Ivan Medovikov

Brock University

I. Tsiakas

October 16

*Special date

MCKN 720: 12:00-1:00

MCKN 314: 3:30-5:00

Fraser Summerfield: Workers' Task and Employer Mobility over the Business Cycle
Diana Alessandrini: Progressive Taxation and Economic Stability

Diana Alessandrini

Fraser Summerfield

St. Francis Xavier University

S. Kosempel
October 18 The Value of Hunting and Fishing in the Arctic: Insights from a Harvest Study in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Stephan Schott

Carleton University

A. Sadanand
November 1 Voting in Corporations

Alan Miller

University of Western ON

A. Sadanand

November 5

*Special date

MCKN 236

Risk Analysis for Catastrophe Bond mutual funds

Lynda Khalaf

Carleton University

T. Stengos
November 8 Distinguishing Factors and Characteristics with Characteristic-Mimicking Portfolios

Ron Balvers

McMaster University

I. Tsiakas
November 15 Expected inflation, real rates, and stock-bond comovement

Greg Duffee

Johns Hopkins University

D. Li
November 22 Object Oriented (Dynamic) Programming: Replication, Innovation and "Structural" Estimation

Chris Ferrall

Queens University

R. McKitrick
November 29 Untying International Food Assistance: The Case of Canada

Ryan Cardwell

University of Manitoba 

K. Annen

December 6

MCKN 720

Multilateral Bargaining over the Division of Losses

Duk Gyoo Kim

University of Mannheim, Germany

B. Cadsby

December 13

ROZH 107

Recruiting Recruiting S. Kosempel

February 24

*Special date

MCKN 720


The Impact of Expiration Date Labels on Hedonic Markets for Perishable ProductsA Framed Field Experiment

Tongzhe Li

University of Guelph

B. Cadsby
March 13 Openness to Trade and the Spread of Industrialization

Ian Keay

Queens University

K. Inwood
March 20 Cancelled 

Nouri Najjar

Western University

J. Livernois

March 26

*Special date

*Room TBA


Shakeeb Kahn

Boston College

A. Maynard
March 27 Cancelled 

Audra Bowlus

Western University

M. Plesca & L. Grogan