Visiting Speaker Seminars 2019-2020

Contact: Prof. Delong Li

All seminars are on Friday at 3:30 p.m. in MCKN 311, unless otherwise indicated. 

Date Title Speaker Host
September 13

Gender Inequality and Economic Growth:

Evidence from Industry-Level Data

Ljubica D. Djordjevic


N. Gradojevic

September 23

*special date

MCKN 720

12 - 1 PM

Market-wide Events and Time Fixed Effects

Elvira Sojli

UNSW Business School

I. Tsiakas

September 30

*special date

MCKN 317

Nonparametric Econometrics: An Overview

Aman Ullah

UC Riverside

T. Stengos
October 4

Efficient estimation of parameters in marginals 

in semiparametric multivariate models

Ivan Medovikov

Brock University

I. Tsiakas

October 16

*Special date

MCKN 720: 12:00-1:00

MCKN 314: 3:30-5:00

Fraser Summerfield: Workers' Task and Employer Mobility over the Business Cycle
Diana Alessandrini: Progressive Taxation and Economic Stability

Diana Alessandrini

Fraser Summerfield

St. Francis Xavier University

S. Kosempel
October 18 The Value of Hunting and Fishing in the Arctic: Insights from a Harvest Study in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Stephan Schott

Carleton University

A. Sadanand
November 1 Voting in Corporations

Alan Miller

University of Western ON

A. Sadanand

November 5

*Special date

MCKN 236

Risk Analysis for Catastrophe Bond mutual funds

Lynda Khalaf

Carleton University

T. Stengos
November 8 Distinguishing Factors and Characteristics with Characteristic-Mimicking Portfolios

Ron Balvers

McMaster University

I. Tsiakas
November 15 Expected inflation, real rates, and stock-bond comovement

Greg Duffee

Johns Hopkins University

D. Li
November 22 Object Oriented (Dynamic) Programming: Replication, Innovation and "Structural" Estimation

Chris Ferrall

Queens University

R. McKitrick
November 29 Untying International Food Assistance: The Case of Canada

Ryan Cardwell

University of Manitoba 

K. Annen

December 6

MCKN 720

Multilateral Bargaining over the Division of Losses

Duk Gyoo Kim

University of Mannheim, Germany

B. Cadsby

December 13

ROZH 107

Recruiting Recruiting S. Kosempel

February 24

*Special date

MCKN 720


The Impact of Expiration Date Labels on Hedonic Markets for Perishable ProductsA Framed Field Experiment

Tongzhe Li

University of Guelph

B. Cadsby
March 6 TBA

Yingyao Hu

Johns Hopkins University

D. Li
March 13 TBA

Ian Keay

Queens University

K. Inwood
March 20 TBA

Nouri Najjar

Western University

J. Livernois

March 26

*Special date

*Room TBA


Shakeeb Kahn

Boston College

A. Maynard
March 27 TBA

Audra Bowlus

Western University

M. Plesca & L. Grogan
April 3 TBA

Vasia Panousi

Universite de Montreal

D. Li