Visiting Speaker Series Fall 2015

Contact: Prof. Rene Kirkegaard

All seminars are on Friday at 3:30 p.m. in MacK 317, unless otherwise indicated

Date Title Speaker Host

September 18th


Berta Esteve-Volart,

York University

M. Plesca

September 25th

Politico-economic Regimes and Attitudes: Female Workers under State-socialism

Michael Serafinelli,

University of Toronto

L. Grogan

October 2nd

"Clueless Politicians", joint with Cheng Li 

Christopher Cotton,

Queen's University

R. Kirkegaard
October 9th
"Adaptive Elastic Net GMM Estimation with Many Invalid Moment Conditions: Simultaneous Model and Moment Selection" (with M. Caner and X. Han)

Yoonseok Lee,

Syracuse University

A. Maynard

October 16th

Optimal Adaptive Testing

Rahul Deb,

University of Toronto

R. Kirkegaard

October 23rd

Which pricing approach for options under GARCH with non-normal innovations? 

Lars Stentoft,

University of Western Ontario

I. Tsiakas

October 30th

Heterogeneity or Duration Dependence? Evidence from Labor Force Histories

Fabian Lange,

McGill University

M. Plesca
November 6th Limits to Limiting Greenhouse Gases: Intertemporal Leakage, Spatial Leakage, and Negative Leakage

Stephen Salant,

University of Michigan

A. Sadanand
November 13th Revealed Relative Utilitarianism

Tilman Borgers

University of Michigan

A. Sadanand

November 23rd

Teacher Incentives and Sorting: Evidence from a joint Accountability and Pay Incentive Program

Joniada Milla

CORE, Catholic University of Louvain

T. Stengos

November 27th

Do Property Rights Make People More Trusting and Prosocial? Evidence From a Large Scale Field Experiment

Daniel Rubenson,

Ryerson University

K. Annen

December 4th

Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence

Silvia Goncalves

University of Western Ontario

A. Maynard
December 11th A Microeconometric Dynamic Structural Model of Copper Mining Decisions 

Victor Aguirregabiria,

University of Toronto