Visiting Speaker Series Winter 2014

All seminars on Fridays at 3:30pm in MacK 318, unless indicated otherwise.

Date Title Speaker Host
January 17 Sharp Bounds in the Binary Roy Model Ismael Mourifie, University of Toronto J.A. Amegashie

January 24

Social Security Reforms with Uncertainty over the Nature Labour Market Risk: A Bayesian Analysis

Marco Cozzi, Queen's University

M. Plesca

January 29

Cognitive and Communication Skills in a Hierarchical Labour Market

Aloysious Siow, University of Toronto

L. Grogan

January 31

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

February 7

N/A: Cancelled

Kathleen Beegle, The World Bank

L. Grogan

February 14

N/A: Cancelled

Chengyu Yang, Beijing Normal University

L. Cellarier

February 17-21

Reading Week

Reading Week

Reading Week

February 28

An Empirical Evaluation of the Costs of Minimum Wage Hikes: Cross-Province and Time-Series Evidence from Canada

Anindya Sen, University of Waterloo

P. Anglin

March 7

The Business of American Democracy:Citizens United, Independent Spending, and Elections 

Tilman Klumpp, University of Alberta J.A. Amegashie

March 14

Do Retail Traders Suffer from High Frequency Traders?

Katya Malinova, University of Toronto

A. Maynard

March 21

N/A: Cancelled

Murat Kurt, SUNY (Buffalo)

T. Genc

March 28

Informal Agreements

Radovan Vadovic, Carleton University

B. Cadsby

April 4

Do Financial Institutions Face Higher Borrowing Costs? Ligang Zhong, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics B. Cadsby