Winter 2023

Courses with an asterisk (*) have lab(s).

Undergraduate Courses 

Course Section Instructor
ECON*1050 Introductory Microeonomics DE P. Martin
ECON*1100 Introductory Macroeconomics 1, 2, 3 E. Adomait
ECON*1100 Introductory Macroeconomics DE P. Martin
ECON*2100 Ecomonic Growth and Environmental Quality 1 J. Livernois
ECON*2310 Intermediate Microeconomics 1 J. Goertz
ECON*2310 Intermediate Microeconomics 2 D. Lakhtakia
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics 1 L. Cellarier
ECON*2410 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 M. Li
ECON*2740 Economics Statistics (*) 1 M.Kasoumi
ECON*2770 Mathematical Economics 1 N. Bower
ECON*3400 Economics Personnel Management 1 L. Grogan
ECON*3530 Industrial Organization 1 H. Thille
ECON*3610 Public Economics 1 A. Meek
ECON*3620 International Trade 1 P. Martin
ECON*3710 Advanced Microeconomics (*) 1 J. Amegashie
ECON*3740 Introduction to Econometrics (*) 1,2  M. Plesca
ECON*3810 Advanced Macroeconomics 1 L. Cellarier
ECON*4400 Managerial Economics DE T. Genc
ECON*4700 Advanced Mathematical Economics 1 H. Thille
ECON*4800 Theory of Strategic Management 1 D. Auld
ECON*4900 Special Study in Economics 1 -
ECON*4910 Special Study in Economics 1 -
ECON*4930 Environmental Economics 1 J. Livernois
FIN*2000 Introduction to Finance 1, 2 N. Bower
FIN*3000 Investments 1,2 I. Tsiakas
FIN*3100 Corporate Finance 1 M. Di Carlo
FIN*3200 Fundamentals of Derivatives 1 F. Liu
FIN*3500 Money, Credit and the Financial System 1 E. Adomait
FIN*4000 Advanced Topics in Finance 1 F. Liu
FIN*4100 Financial Econometrics 1 A. Maynard
FIN*4900 Independent Studies in Finance 1

Graduate Courses 

Course Section Instructor
ECON*6010 Microeconomic Theory II 1 R. Kirkegaard
ECON*6040 Macroeconomic Theory II 1 X. Lei
ECON*6160 Econometrics 1 A. Maynard
ECON*6600 Labour Economics 1 L. Grogan
ECON*6700 Industrial Organization 1 T. Genc
ECON*6800 Environmental Economics 1 J. Livernois
ECON*6900 Doctoral Research Seminar 1 K. Annen
ECON*6930 Reading Course 1 -
FIN*6200 Empirical Finance and Financial Econometrics 1 F. Liu
FIN*6300 Security Analysis and Portolio Management 1 F. Tapon
FIN*6800 Special Topics in Finance 1 H. Li