International and Out of Province Students

Whether you are starting a new life in a new country or moving here from another province, you will want to make links to various groups, clubs and organizations.   You might be an International Funded Student funded through an established agreement. 

The Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA) offers many support services and you will want to be sure to connect with them.  They have also developed an International Pre-Arrival Handbook for 2018-2019.

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all international students to have the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).   If you have dependents, you should make sure that they are covered as well.

Immigration Advising

Do you have questions about study permits, visas, ability to work on campus and many other areas?   Just link to the Student Life website for information about immigration advising at

English Language Support

The library offers dedicated English language support.  You will also find other language support groups and services through the Office of Intercultural Affaires.

START International

As an international student, not only are you coming to a new learning institution, but you are coming to an entirely new country. The University of Guelph provides orientation specifically for international students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. START International is a free orientation program for new international students, and offers an airport pick-up service in the Fall semester.

Fall Semester Airport Pickup:

For Fall 2018, there will be an airport pickup service on Tuesday, August 28th - this service will pick you up from Pearson Airport and bring you to the University of Guelph campus. If you are planning your travels, we recommend booking your flight for this day in order to use this pick-up service. More information on this service can be found on the GryphLife website.  Please expect a 1-2 hour delay at customs - we encourage you to bring copies of all communication from our office, including your offer letter. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Intercultural Affairs.