Dr. Lorraine Jadeski

Associate Professor, Academic Advisor: Human Kinetics Major
Phone number: 
ext. 53740
OVC 2617

B.Sc. - University of Guelph
M.Sc. - University of Waterloo
Ph.D. - University of Western Ontario

Human Anatomy Education 

Jadeski LC, Chakraborty C, Lala, PK. Nitric oxide-mediated promotion of mammary tumour cell migration requires sequential activation of nitric oxide synthase, guanylate cyclase and mitogen-activated protein kinase. Int J Cancer. 2003; 106:496-504.

  • HK*3401 Human Anatomy: Dissection 
  • HK*3501 Human Anatomy: Prosection
  • HK*4441/2 Advanced Study in Human Anatomy
  • KIN*1040 Human Anatomy, Guelph-Humber
  • KIN*4040 Advanced Human Anatomy, Guelph-Humber
Name Role
W. Albabish PhD Student
E. Danielli MSc Student
K. Dixon MSc Student
V. Forster MSc Student
K. Marrelli MSc Student
R. Medhurst MSc Student
A. Stubbs MSc Student
J. Valencia MSc Student