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Study Plants

Explore the dominant life form.

Plants feed us, heal us, clothe us. They are fundamental to the planet’s health and function. How they are used can be controversial, impactful and life changing. As the world seeks to solve more and more environmental issues through plant innovation, the career possibilities are vast and often high paying. If you like science, nature, innovation, problem solving and doing things a bit differently, plant studies is a great fit for you.

Why study plants at U of G?

The University of Guelph is internationally known for its research, innovation and expertise when it comes to plants. In fact, U of G is home to the largest concentration of plant scientists in Canada. You can see also our focus on plants in how our beautiful campus is maintained, including the gorgeous Arboretum!

7 programs
focused on plants
Co-op available
for most programs
17 research centres
focused on plant science
5000 m2
of indoor plant growth facilities on campus

Choose Your Program:

Degree Options

Fields + Soil | Solve problems in food production and access through agronomy, soil science and genetics. Crop Science is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Agriculture + Crops Choose your own adventure by selecting exactly what plant production courses you want to take. Honours Agriculture is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Flowers + Food | Learn the science behind producing plants in unique settings (greenhouses, growth chambers, vertical gardens), at all scales, and for different markets. Horticulture is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Biology + Breeding | Explore the intricacies of plant diversity, growth and development, plant-environment interactions and advances in molecular biology. Plant Science is a major of the Bachelor of Science.

Diploma Options

Learn how science, technology and business come together to enhance crop production. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Agriculture is offered by our Ridgetown Campus.

Develop your skills in greenhouse production and nursery operations. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Horticulture is offered by our Ridgetown Campus.

Combine scientific study with business and hands-on learning in Canada’s best turfgrass management program. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Turfgrass Management is offered at the Guelph campus and features small class sizes!

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Agriculture Info Session

Join us virtually to learn everything you need to know (admission requirements, course details, co-op info, career opportunities) from program experts, current students, and alumni.
Agriculture Program Information Night
Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

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There are numerous events throughout the year that allow you to meet new people and develop your professional relationship network. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many industry professionals during guest lectures that have inspired me and guided me on my career path.

Kelly Ruigrok, Undergraduate Student
Crop Science
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Carl Shin
The small class sizes are by far my favourite part. My class is a tight-knit group already, and we get to know our instructors well. The program also blends in hands-on learning coupled with turfgrass management theories, so we understand both sides.

Carl Shin
Turfgrass Management
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The University of Guelph is well known for their agriculture and plant science programs so coming here was a very easy decision... I love the variety of options that a plant science major offers, I could take classes ranging anywhere from biotechnology to crop related sciences to environmental sciences.

Vanessa Vongnhay
Plant Science, Student

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My favorite class by far has to be the field entomology class I took this summer. I took the opportunity to go to Costa Rica with a group of people who also love insects, and spent my days in the jungle looking for cool bugs.

Owen Hebb
Plant Science, Alumni

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