Join the Fall 2015 Inaugural SU Startup Accelerator

Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Join the Inaugural SU Startup Accelerator

Apply Now: Fall 2015 Class Launches September 28th

At SU Labs, we are fiercely passionate about the community of entrepreneurs tackling humanity's grand challenges by leveraging exponential technology.

On September 28th, SU Labs will launch the Fall 2015 SU Startup Accelerator.

As part of our mission we have created the first startup accelerator program specifically designed for entrepreneurs who utilize the power of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing, and sensor networks to address global issues including the environment, food, energy, water, space, security, poverty, health, or education.

In 10-weeks the SU Startup Accelerator takes startups and non-profits from prototype or early proof-of-concept to their next growth phase.

Our unique global educational position provides fertile grounds for startups and nonprofits​ to connect with an invested ​SU ​Community of Fortune 100 companies, corporate and impact partners,​ and an active​ global community of SU Alumni.

The program begins with a 1-week bootcamp followed by four 2-week sprints. Each sprint is focused on a different area of business development. Weekly speaker series, share-outs and review sessions round out the experience. Startups are ensured ​protected​ time to drive their priorities, ​build ​and network in Silicon Valley​.​ The SU Startup Accelerator provides $100,000 in seed funding to give startups runway throughout the program and a co-working space at NASA Research Park. Non-profit organizations are provided $50,000 in unrestricted grants. After the program, startups are enrolled in the SU Companies program.

If your startup meets the application requirements below, apply now on AngelList by June 30th and forward this invitation to spread the word!

Application Requirements:

  • Your problem is large enough to be a global grand challenge
  • Your solution can scale by leveraging an exponential technology
  • Your team is at least 2 people, can demo a product (proof-of-concept or functional prototype), and can provide a technical reference

Apply to SU Startup Accelerator by June 30th

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