U of G Eco-friendly Flower Pots Blossom in U.S., Canada

July 04, 2014 - News Release

Affordable, eco-friendly flower pots — made with University of Guelph technology — have hit the market. They’re on the shelves of 2,500 Kroger stores in the United States and 33 Lowe’s stores in Canada, and soon will be featured in Home Hardware stores.

flower pot

Jill Selby (left) and Amy Thatcher, of the Department of Plant Agriculture, are pictured here with a bio-composite flower pot made with U of G technology.

U of G Gets New IP Policy

August 11, 2014 – Campus Bulletin

All intellectual property (IP) created at the University of Guelph now belongs to the student or staff member who created it, according to a new IP policy.

IP owners have the right to commercialize their inventions, creations and ideas on their own, or they may choose to assign IP ownership to the University and work with U of G’s technology transfer services.

UofG Ranks Among Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences

UofG Ranks Among Best Global Universities for Agricultural Sciences

The field of agricultural sciences encompasses a wide range of subjects related to how humans use and develop natural resources for their benefit. They include horticulture, food science and nutrition, dairy science and agronomy. These are the world's best universities for agricultural sciences, based on their reputation and research in the field

No seeds mean no plants in a hungry world

Dec 2, 2013

By Owen Roberts

Farming slogans make superb rallying points.

A mainstay is the highly successful "Farmers feed cities," with its instantly identifiable black and yellow signage. Lately, I've seen "I farm, you eat," more of a personal message, as well as "No farms, no food," in response to urban sprawl.

But how about "No seeds, no plants"?

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