What is the VSS?

The Video Surveillance System (VSS) is used at the University of Guelph as part of the overall strategy to support personal safety and security of the campus facilities, property and assets.  Campus Safety Office and Physical Resources are jointly responsible for the implementation, operation and evaluation of the Video Surveillance System.

Video Surveillance System refers to devices that enable continuous or periodic video recording, observing or monitoring of individuals or assets on the University's main campus.  VSS used within a department may also include video analytics (i.e. perimeter access reports or queries) as part of other integrated access control or security systems. 

Security Camera on Ceiling


The University recognizes the need to strike a balance between individual's right to privacy and the duty to promote and maintain a safe and secure environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  

The VSS is used on campus to:
a)  Enhance public safety in areas where there is a perceived or real risk;
b)  Prevent and deter behaviour that may be contrary to applicable legislation or University policies;
c)  Provide a tool to enchance personal safety and protection of property;
d)  Assist with investigations and follow up on behaviour.


Video Surveillance System Policy 



  • camera surveillance on wall

    Departments requesting video surveillance installation can now do so through our online form. For more information and steps to requesting VSS please visit Requesting Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Coordination Group