Training Resources

Listed below are training guidelines and resources that can be used when training users of the Video Surveillance System.  Additional training on how to operate the VSS is available through Physical Resources IT department.  Campus Community Police and the University Privacy Officer are also available for training consultations.

All users with access to the VSS must receive training in order to fully understand their responsibilities under the VSS Policy and Procedures and applicable legislation.

Training Guidelines: 

1. Provide a copy of the VSS Policy and Procedures to all approved users.  Users should read these documents and keep on file. 

2. Instruct the user on what is considered a privacy breach and how to respond after a privacy breach (e.g. contact their Director immediately).

3. Review the role and responsibilities for Authorized Users (see VSS Policy).

4. Outline when the VSS may be accessed and for what purposes which have been approved by Campus Community Police.  The user should be aware of when/how  
the VSS may NOT be used and that improper use of the VSS may result in disciplinary action.

5. Cameras and other VSS devices may not be moved, altered or interfered with unless facilitated by Physical Resources.

6. Users should know how to report any problems or damages to VSS devices or signage.

7. Communicate the cameras and devices are only to be used in approved PUBLIC areas and NOT to be used in areas where the public or employees have a
reasonable expectation of privacy (e.g. change rooms, washrooms). 

8. Instruct users that signage for VSS must be prominently dispatched per the Policy at the exterior of a surveillance area.  If signage is removed or damaged it should
be reported immediately to the Physical Resources work order desk.

9. Review with users that their use of equipment, monitoring and VSS access may be reviewed for the purpose of an audit or if there is a concern the system is not
being utilized properly.

10. Departments may require that users complete confidentiality statement and/or a criminal/vulnerable sector reference check if required by departmental policies or relevant for the data/images being collected. 

11. Ensure that all users are aware that copying, downloading, printing or alterating images/data from the VSS is not permitted and may result in disciplinary action. Providing content/images/data to other parties (within or outside of the University) is strictly prohibited. 

12. Instruct users that while viewing, using or monitoring VSS they are to be concealing images or data so that the general public or unauthorized users are not able to
 view footage/data.

13. It is recommended to review data retention policies as part of the training for VSS. 

14. If footage is required, a Dean/Director/Chair or other Senior University Administor may request this from the Director of Campus Community Police in writing.