Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make a request for video footage?

A Senior University Administrator may request video for the purpose of fulfilling their duties.  Requests should be made to the Director of Campus Safety Office who will evaluate the request.   Otherwise, footage can be requested under FIPPA.  For more on FIPPA please visist the University's Privacy Office webpage. 

How long is video retained for?

All video on campus runs on a 30 day retention period (continuous recording loop) unless otherwise retained under FIPPA regulations.  

How long will it take for VSS to be installed?

Requests are reviewed typically within fourteen (14) business days.  Once the evaluation and departmental coding has been received by Physical Resources, the appropriate equipment will be ordered.  Depending on the type and quantity of equipment/devices, installation may take upwards of sixty (60) days. 

My VSS request was denied.

Campus Safety Office are responsible for evaluation all VSS requests and will assess requests on specific criteria and the overall needs of the campus.  If your request for VSS was denied, CSO can provide a rationale as to why the request was not approved.  Appeals may be directed to the AVP Physical Resources. 

What does Campus Community Police consider in their evaluation?

Campus Safety Office (CSO) will consider the criteria for video surveillance (i.e. public safety, behaviour deterrent, protection of property) as well as site considerations such as lighting, obstructions, positioning, perimeter access, previous incidents, and risks to privacy. In some cases CCP may conduct a CPTED audit of the area and space as part of the overall evaluation. 

Why is departmental coding required?

Departmental coding is needed following an initial approval of a VSS request by Campus Community Police so that Physical Resources IT can proceed with ordering of any equipment/devices and installation.  Physical Resources operates on a cost recovery model and require coding prior to any work commencing.