Anna Schwanke

Photo of Anna Schwanke sitting on a stone bench wearing graduation robes.
Primary Faculty Advisor: 
Trevor DeVries
Department of Animal Biosciences

My name is Anna, and I am from a small town in Ontario. I earned my B.Sc. in Physical Science from the University of Guelph, before starting my M.Sc. in Animal Behaviour & Welfare under Dr. Trevor DeVries. I was attracted to Dr. DeVries’ lab due to the diversity of research in his group within the scope of dairy science, as well as the high level of engagement in my own research I enjoyed during the undergraduate project I completed in his lab. I have since transferred to the PhD program to continue my studies.

My research focuses on how individual dairy cattle traits may be used to develop more efficient feeding programs. This approach will help expand the potential of technologies such as automated milking systems by ensuring that each cow is provided food based on both its individual nutritional and behavioural requirements. This strategy would support a cost-effective production system by targeting resources only where and when they are needed, thus improving resource efficiency within the animal production system.

Through the HQP program, I hope to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the relationship between academia and industry, as well as use the skills I have gained to give back to the agri-food community.