Access to Research Stations and Personnel (Tier 2, 4)

Researchers and industry partners may access OMAFRA-supported research stations and technicians by applying for either Tier 2 or Tier 4 research funding. 

Tier 2: Subsidized access to OMAFRA-funded resources (Research Priorities)

Tier II research funding provides subsidized access to OMAFRA-supported technicians and research stations. Tier II projects must address OMAFRA research priorities. OMAFRA subsidizes 92 per cent of the applicable Research Station Fees for Tier II projects. The remaining eight percent must be covered by external partner funding. 

The Tier II program guide is available.

See Tier II projects funded in 2020/21

Tier 4: Non-subsidized access to OMAFRA-funded resources

Tier IV provides non-subsidized access to OMAFRA-supported technicians and research centres.  

The Alliance research program uses the Research Management System (RMS) for receiving and adjudicating research proposals.  

RSM is available at: 

Please contact if you experience any difficulties logging in. 

Research Station Fees

Researchers proposing to use the research stations must include the appropriate research station fees in their proposal budgets. 

See our Research Station Fees Price List for more information.

Fees for the Central Animal Facility and Isolation Unit are also available for download but these facilities do not require a Tier II application.