Anna Welboren

Photo of Anna Welboren resting her head on a dairy calf
Primary Faculty Advisor: 
Michael Steele
Department of Animal Biosciences

Anna Welboren is a PhD student in the department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph, supervised by Dr. Michael Steele. Anna grew up on a Dutch dairy farm and completed a B.Sc. in Animal Sciences and an M.Sc. in Animal Nutrition at Wageningen University in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Her M.Sc. comprised of research projects conducted in New Zealand and the Netherlands focusing on calf nutrition. Her current project focuses on effects of macronutrient composition of milk replacer on intestinal health in neonatal dairy calves. Her research will provide insight into how the quantity and quality of macronutrients, such as fat and lactose, influence gut barrier function and overall gut development. The project could result in the development of new milk replacer formulations to improve calf performance and optimize milk production on dairy farms.