April Xu

Headshot of April Xu wearing graduation robes against a grey backdrop.
Primary Faculty Advisor: 
Michael Rogers
Department of Food Science

My name is April Xu and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I went to UBC Vancouver to study Food Science as my undergraduate degree. I chose to come to the University of Guelph for my graduate degree as Guelph has one of the top Food Science program in the world. I am studying under Dr. Michael Rogers as I was very interested in his work on lipids. My research closely aligns with the Food for Health topic as we are trying to determine whether food processing (and almost all of our food is processed in some way) affects the way food is digested. In particular, whether thermal processing changes the bioaccessibility of lipid molecules in egg yolks. We hope that we can eventually figure out a way to process foods that is the most beneficial for our health! Through the HQP program, I hope to meet likeminded individuals and hope to make a difference in the future of the food industry.