Emily Duncan

Photo of Emily Duncan with a field in the background.
Primary Faculty Advisor: 
Evan Fraser
Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics

As a geographer, I am particularly interested in how digital agricultural technologies can contribute to improving global food security and reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.  With a background in Environmental Science from McGill University and international work experience in the agricultural sector, I knew I wanted to study food systems at the University of Guelph with Dr. Evan Fraser for my master’s and now my doctoral research. Working with interdisciplinary scientists at UofG who are focusing on the cutting edge digital technologies that are revolutionizing food production, I hope my research will advance our understanding of agricultural data governance and ensure that the introduction of new technologies leads to both improved social outcomes for rural communities and environmental benefits.  The HQP program provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other researchers who are interested in improving food systems and to enhance my professional skills. After completing my degree, I hope to work at the nexus of innovative research on agricultural technologies, policy development, and experiential learning in the agricultural sector.  As I now enter the second year of my PhD program, after successfully completing all my coursework and qualifying exam, I look forward to gathering data in my field sites in Canada and Ghana, gaining teaching experience, and participating in the HQP program.