Fernando de Jesús Montaño López

Photo of Fernando holding soil samples.
Primary Faculty Advisor: 
Asim Biswas
School of Environmental Sciences

I was born in Pachuca a city located 70 miles north of Mexico’s capital. I have indigenous heritage as much of my family comes from Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca a Zapotec community in South Mexico.

I have been very fortunate to participate in exchange programs, research and social activities. I have participated as research assistant in projects concerning soil science as well as helping smallholders through extension programs. I studied agronomy engineering specialized in soil science at Chapingo Autonomous University in Mexico.

The project will provide scientific knowledge to address agri-food sector and environmental issues related to the Northern Ontario Livestock expansion, this is exciting as we will help to maintain the ability of natural resources, particularly soil, to support the Growth Plan and strengthen northern agriculture.

After having the opportunity to work with Dr. Asim Biswas at the Sustainable Soil Management Lab I decided that doing graduate studies at Guelph was the best option to accomplish my purposes. Dr. Biswas’ group is dynamic and full of knowledge in different areas, this would give me unique opportunities.

I hope to get experience and knowledge so I can apply it to contribute to improve agricultural and environmental conditions in Ontario. After completing my degree I would like to continue studying and then collaborate with the government in the search for better conditions for farmers.