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How to Sign Up for U of G Alert

This document shows you how to add additional email addresses and phone numbers (for SMS Text messages)  to U of G Alert, the University’s emergency notification system. In an emergency, the more ways we can reach you, the better.  You can also watch this video.

Depending on your Campus, select the appropriate link below access your U of G Alert account:

This will redirect you to the University’s standard single sign-on page where you can enter your university credentials. If you have already signed in to your browser session, you will be automatically logged in.

Once logged in, you can see the ‘My Profile’ screen. Your email address has already been added to your account. 

Member Portal My Profile screen

Click Edit to add another email address and / or phone number the system can use to send you emergency alerts. Choose the contact methods you use the most. It is recommended that you sign up for at least one additional method. NOTE: If you have a university supplied cell phone that is not already added it to your account, please send an email to and we can add it for you.

My Profile Page Image

NOTE: You can also enter a family email address and text/SMS phone number. These contacts will be used only under extreme circumstances when the University deems it necessary to send a separate notification to extended family contacts regarding a serious situation. This is not a way to contact you, but to reach your emergency contacts to keep them informed.

You can define the order in which U of G Alert attempts to contact you by using the red arrow buttons to re-order the list. NOTE: The Family Email address and Family text options should always be at the bottom of your order. NOTE: In a life-safety event, U of G will force the contact order to send to text options first and voice options last.

Image showing adding contact info

Set your Time Zone, for Guelph select the GMT -5:00 Eastern Standard Time (America/Toronto).

Image to set time-zone

When you’re done, click Save and Logout.

Save button image

You can find more information about U of G Alert by clicking Overview, FAQs and ? Help  & Answer.

Image of Help options

Once you complete this process, you will have successfully registered your additional contact details in U of G Alert. If any of your contact information changes, remember to come back to your U of G Alert account and update them.