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Shelter-in-place is a precaution to help keep you safe by remaining indoors but having access to the building and being able to move around freely. Notification of a shelter-in-place will be initiated by the University.

If instructed to shelter-in-place:

  • Enter/remain indoors

  • Close windows and doors

  • For hazardous material release: seal doors/windows/vents from noxious fumes - turn off all fans, air conditioners and heaters

  • SEVERE weather: stay away from exterior walls and windows.

  • TORNADO: move to lowest level of building, or a closet, bathroom or under a staircase.

When is shelter-in-place necessary?

Emergencies that require shelter-in-place include:

  • inclement weather (i.e. tornado)
  • hazardous material incident (outdoors)
  • gas leak (outdoors)

Know your building. Be aware of all evacuation routes and exits out of your building.

How to get help on campus

It is very important to know during any emergency how to get help on campus.