What is an evacuation?

An evacuation is a precaution in which everyone leaves the threatened area and goes to the safest and closest refuge. Notification of an evacuation will be initiated by the University.


  • Remain calm.
  • Close all doors on your way out and take your keys.
  • Turn off all electrical and open-flame equipment.
  • Leave the area by the nearest and safest exit available.
  • If the nearest route is blocked or unsafe, use an alternative route. DO NOT use elevators.
  • Be wary of possible dangers along your exit route. Test doors for heat in case of fire.


  • Don't return to the evacuated area until it has been declared safe by the University.
  • Don't use your cellphone unless you are reporting an emergency or it is absolutely necessary. Using cellphones increases the demand on cellular network towers, and emergency responders and those in need of immediate assistance will rely on those towers.

When is evacuation necessary?

Emergencies that may require an evacuation include:

  • fires
  • bomb threats
  • hazardous material incident
  • structural damage
  • police activity

Know your building. Be aware of all evacuation routes out of your building.

How to get help on campus

It is very important to know during any emergency how to get help on campus.