Mobile App for Guests Help

How to Install and Use the  U of G Alert Mobile App for Non-Registered Users

This page shows guests and visitors how to configure the Everbridge App to receive push notification from U of G Alert. The App is available for iOS & Android and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Images below are displayed for the Apple iPhone (iOS) version of Everbridge.

Find the app in the App Store (or Google Play) by entering Everbridge:

App store search for Everbridge

Open the App once installed on your device and Allow Notifications.

Allow Notifications Image

Then click on the Explore the map option:

Select the Explore the map option

The app will prompt you to share your location – read the text and select Allow. As a non-registered user, you must share your location to receive push notifications.

Share Location Request Image

The app will then ask when your location will be shared. Since you will not have the app open all the time, you need to select Always Allow to receive message alerts.

Always Allow Selection Image

You are then presented with a map showing recent alerts in North America, with most of them being in the US. You can zoom in and click on specific alerts to see the details.

Image Showing Active Alerts

If you click on the ‘locator’ icon highlighted in red above it will zero in on your current location.

When an alert message is sent by U of G Alert and you are on or near campus, you will receive a push notification to your device.

Remember, you will only receive notifications to the Everbridge app when you are on or near campus. To receive notifications where ever you are you can follow @UofGAlert on Twitter and have tweets sent to you via SMS Text. Instructions to set up Tweets to SMS Text.