U of G Alert Sign-Up - Guelph Campus

U of G Alert is the University’s critical incident notification system. It sends critical alerts to registered email addresses and phones (texts and calls) when an incident happens on campus.  Your U of G email is automatically registered. We encourage all members of the university community to add at least one additional contact path.

NOTICE TO NEW STUDENTS: Please be aware that you will not be registered in U of G Alert until the start of your first semester.  If you try to access your U of G Alert account before then, your login attempt will fail.  Please update your contact paths once you have started classes.  Thank you.

Button to access your U of G Alert account   Yellow image to access visitor instructions

To access your account and add contact information​: 

  1. Login to your U of G Alert Account and enter your U of G central login credentials (if prompted)
  2. You will be placed into the Profile screen
  3. Add or Update your contact details and select the group pertaining to your home campus.
  4. Save your changes ( Save Preferences button at the bottom of the page)  and logout.

More detailed signup instructions can be access here.

You can also download the Safe Gryphon app (iOS and Android) to receive push notifications from U of G Alert directly to your smartphone. Once downloaded, you will need to 'Enable Push Notifications' via the About/Preference option.  The Safe Gryphon app has many useful features including:

  • Friend Walk
  • Safe Walk
  • Work Alone
  • Campus Map
  • and more

Notice of Collection: The University of Guelph is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. Information including email addresses and phone numbers will be collected by the University of Guelph and shared with AppArmor for U of G Alert, the University’s critical incident notification system, which will send broadcast messages to students, staff and faculty. Questions about this collection should be directed to the campus emergency coordinator at cec@uoguelph.ca. You may also refer to AppArmor’s Privacy Policy for more information.