Sustainable Residence Committee

Residence Committee

About the Sustainable Residence Committee

The Sustainable Residence Committee (SRC) is a collaborative initiative between the University of Guelph Sustainability Office and Student Housing Services (SHS).

The SRC participates in collective action projects, workshops and meetings centred around a wide range of topics and current issues within sustainability.

SRC members, known as Sustainable Residence Ambassadors, will develop and enhance their leadership skills while actively improving campus sustainability. 


Time Commitment

The time commitment required to be a Sustainable Residence Ambassador is one-two hours weekly. Each week will alternate between SRC meetings and SRC workshops. Meetings include group discussion and planning sessions and contribute to the SRC's LEARN pillar. Workshops include various in-person and virtual activities planned by the Sustainability Office, the SRC Coordinator, and off-campus organizations and contribute to the SRC's ACT pillar.

To receive the SRC certification, students must also volunteer in SRC initiatives such as our in-person Sustainable Residence Tabling Blitz once a semester to uphold the CHANGE pillar.


Sustainable Residence Ambassadors

  1. Grow your understanding of campus, community and global sustainability.
  2. Learn to mobilize students, staff and faculty to address pressing issues.
  3. Gain access to mentorship, resources and support through the Sustainability Office.
  4. Be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities, including our paid summer student positions.
  5. Develop personal and professional skills to elevate your resume.
  6. Be recognized as a leader of sustainability on campus.
  7. Expand your network of connections at the university.
  8. Gain plenty of opportunities to earn eligible volunteer hours for your WWF Living Planet Leader certification.
  9. Foster and enhance the unique culture of sustainability at the University of Guelph.
  10. Shape the future of the University of Guelph campus by contributing ideas and feedback directly to the UofG Sustainability Office. 


Become a Sustainable Residence Ambassador 

This upcoming semester, the SRC will be meeting between 5 pm - 6 pm on Wednesdays. 

The first meeting will occur on Wednesday, October 5th. 

This fall, Sustainable Residence Ambassadors will learn about campus sustainability, plan a Sustainable Residence Tabling Blitz, create upcycled items with donated fabrics, and participate in a sustainability good news sharing session. 

To join the SRC, please email Samantha at to be added to our list-serv.

Note: This committee is intended for UofG first-year students and residence assistants.