Central Bins

The Transition to Central Bins

The U of G is moving from deskside garbage and recycling pickup to a centralized waste collection. This new approach to waste management requires individuals to empty their garbage and recycling at a central bin station located in a convenient place within their department/unit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

U of G is taking another critical step in advancing campus sustainability by cutting back on plastic waste.

By 2025, where feasible, deskside garbage bins will be removed from university office spaces. Deskside recycling bins will remain, but plastic liner bags will not be provided. Waste diversion stations will be placed in convenient locations within office areas.

You will be responsible for taking your garbage and recycling to these stations, which will be emptied and cleaned by U of G's custodial team. You can request a Bin Buddy from your administrative assistant. A Bin Buddy is a small garbage container that hooks over your recycling bin.

If you request a Bin Buddy, you will be responsible for emptying it and keeping it clean.

You may choose to bring in your own deskside garbage and recycling can. If so, you must empty it in your area's waste diversion station and keep it clean. You must also keep your recycling bin clean (e.g., wash out any spilled liquids).

When your garbage bin is removed, you'll be responsible for:
1. Emptying your recycling bin and disposing of your garbage at the waste diversion station in your area.
2. Cleaning your recycling bin (e.g., if liquid from drink cans or recyclable coffee cups spills inside) and your Bin Buddy or any garbage can you bring in.
The University is rolling out the central waste program over the next several years, so it may be a few months or more than a year before this change takes effect in your area. By 2025, deskside garbage cans will be removed except where accommodations are required.

The City of Guelph no longer accepts small plastic recycling bags at its recycling facilities as the bags interfere with equipment at the recycling facility. That means it's up to us as a campus to reduce the number of bags we use in our recycling efforts and help keep this material out of landfills.

The move to central waste collection helps the University reduce the number of plastic garbage and recycling bags it disposes of daily. By moving to central waste and recycling collection, we can help reduce the use of single-use plastic bags to advance campus sustainability at U of G.
A Bin Buddy is a small plastic garbage can that hooks onto your recycling bin. It's large enough to hold a day's garbage. The Bin Buddy can be helpful if you want to avoid going to your area's waste diversion station whenever you need to throw something out.

The best way to keep your Bin Buddy clean is only to use it to collect dry waste like food wrappers. Put your wet waste (e.g., coffee cups) directly in the waste diversion station's waste stream. If your Bin Buddy gets dirty, wipe it with a damp paper towel.
If you cannot empty your recycling bin, please contact Mary Bridgeman, central waste lead, at mbridgem@pr.uoguelph.ca. Mary will help you with a solution.
Yes! You can bring your garbage can to your workspace. You will be responsible for emptying and cleaning any garbage can you bring. Old bins will be recycled or repurposed for other uses on campus.
Creating a greener campus is something we all have a role in. Emptying your recycling and Bin Buddy is similar to tossing out your garbage at your desk - it takes just a few moments but has significant benefits in helping to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. It's about cutting waste, not cutting costs!

Our custodial staff are bustling and are in high demand across the University. This change will not cause job loss for any custodial staff.

The initiative is led by Custodial Services and supported by the Sustainability Office.
New waste sorting signs will be installed at each waste diversion station to help you properly sort your waste.

To learn more about sorting, search items with the UofGuelph Waste Wizard here: https://www.uoguelph.ca/campussustainability/wastewizard. You can also find copies of our latest sorting posters attached below.