Bee Campus

With the global decline in pollinator populations, the University of Guelph recognized an opportunity to become a leader in protecting, promoting, and celebrating pollinators and the ecological services they provide.  

Thinking globally and acting locally, the University of Guelph became the second university in Canada to pledge a commitment to protect pollinators and their habitat.

This designation was granted by Bee City Canada. Bee City Canada is a charitable organization focused on fighting this global decline by enabling others to protect pollinators with local actions.  

Since the designation, there has been quite a buzz on the University of Guelph campus.

Here is the University of Guelph's pollinator protecting initiatives: 

The Grounds department has taken the lead on enhancing and creating a pollinator-friendly landscape on campus by integrating pollinator-friendly plants and flowering tree species.  

This designation continues to be student-led and supported. Students have taken the vision of a pollinator-friendly campus and brought them to life by leading a native-pollinator habitat creation project behind our largest student residence. 

We're working to create educational signage for display around campus to educate and inform the threats to local pollinators and our efforts to protect them.