University Fleet

The University of Guelph's campus-wide vehicle policy includes environmentally friendly driving practices and a set of guidelines for purchasing lower-impact vehicles.

Aa a result Physical Resources has converted their employee fleet from pick-up trucks to EUVs - electric utility vehicles. These smaller golf-cart-like vehicles run entirely off batteries which charge overnight. The changeover allowed the department to switch away from inefficient gasoline engines, which only got around 29.4 L/100km (8 mpg), to a vehicle which can go all day on a single charge.

Employee Bus Pass

Both part and full-time employees of the University of Guelph have access to a discounted monthly Guelph Transit pass. The employee monthly pass is discounted 15% off the city's adult price. For more information visit the Sustainable Transportation & Parking Services website.

Student Bus Pass

As most students are probably aware, the CSA & GSA offer a semesterly bus pass allowing unlimited use of City of Guelph Transit buses. The fees for these passes are paid along with tuition, and is one of the cheapest of such programs across the province. In the summer months, non-registered students living in Guelph can also apply for a summer bus pass if they are returning to classes in the fall semester.

For schedules and route maps, visit the Guelph Transit website.

Carpooling & Car Shares

The university offers a discounted annual parking pass to groups of three or more people and provides a carpool matching service. Details on the registration process are available on the Sustainable Transportation & Parking services website.

If you don't want to go through the expense of owning and maintaining a personal vehicle, there are also Community CarShare cars located on campus.

Bikes At Work

Physical Resources personnel are encouraged to take a department supplied bike to the job site.
This allows trades personnel to move quickly and independently throughout the campus while providing an exercise opportunity.  Employees who will regularly ride the bikes are given safety training and the bikes have been outfitted to allow the user to carry tools and small equipment.

Steve Nyman, director of maintenance and energy services, says “ the bikes have proven to be a very “slick” way to navigate around our busy campus”. 
The bikes were paid for by the sale of 12,000 lbs of scrap aluminum collected from various storage areas.

This mirrors a sustainable initiative by the campus police who use bicycles to patrol.  They have found that the bicycles are flexible, effective and a positive way to interact with students and staff – all this while being eco-friendly.

CSA Bike Centre

You may not have known it, but the ultimate bike learning resource is on campus, and it's free! The Bike Centre, a CSA service, has the tools and know-how to help you take care of your bicycle. Whether your bike is in distress, or if you just want to learn more about it, drop on down. If you already know what you need to do, you can just walk right in and start using their tools. There are also older bikes to scavenge parts from, lubricants, and tubes available for a minimal fee.

See their website for details, hours, and directions.