Coffee to Compost

About the program

Coffee to Compost is proudly volunteer-powered. Our volunteers pick up green bins full of used coffee grinds from various coffee shops on campus. Our volunteers go to a specific coffee shop once per week to replace a full green bin with an empty one. The Sustainability Office staff will bring all the full bins to the Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming (GCUOF) twice a week. From there, the coffee grounds are turned into yummy veggies. 


In the winter of 2012, Carolyn Chan started the Worm Composting Network. Her mission was to establish a network of people engaged in vermicomposting to facilitate the sharing of worms and promote collective experiential learning. In the summer of 2012, Carolyn created a vermicomposting trench at the GCUOF. She added vegetable scraps from the UC basement kitchens and coffee grounds from Williams coffee shop in the library. These coffee grounds were periodically collected and transported to the farm by a team of volunteers. 

In September 2013, Carolyn and the Sustainability Office formed a partnership coffee grounds from Williams to be delivered to the Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming. Later in the year, this operation grew to include two more coffee shops on campus: Second Cup in the Atrium and Tim Hortons in MacNaughton. Since then, the Sustainability Office has gradually expanded this program to include almost every coffee shop and kitchen on campus.

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