Composting on Campus


Compost Crew

The composting program at the University of Guelph is led and operated by our Compost Crew, a team of UofG undergraduate students who work for the UofG Sustainability Office. Natalie, our Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, oversees the Compost Crew. 

The Compost Crew members are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and expansion of the campus compost program.

The members work in pairs to visit our partnering locations across campus to pick up the collected organic waste, which is done so through large green bins.

Once collected, all the organic waste is brought to a centralized collection site behind the University Centre. These green bins are picked up weekly by the City of Guelph for processing at the Guelph Waste Resource Innovation Centre.


Composting Locations 

As a post-secondary institution known for its food, we must ensure we're thinking about our food beyond the plate. 

This is why, in 2018, we began our partnership with Hospitality Services to collect all of their back-of-house organic waste, such as food scraps from their vegetable prep and production, and since then have grown our relationship to include collecting front-of-house plate waste from set locations to capture organic waste being created on the consumer side. 

We currently service all Hospitality Services locations on campus, the Child Care and Learning Centre (CCLC), and our outdoor compost bins.  

The outdoor compost bins, which are large black plastic bins located throughout the University of Guelph campus, are used to collect organic waste from buildings across campus that aren't serviced by centralized collection. You can learn more about our outdoor compost bins by visiting our outdoor bin website.