Composting on Campus

Compost on Campus

By composting spent coffee grinds, back-of-house food scraps, and plate waste from dining halls, we have already, to date, diverted thousands of tonnes of organic waste from landfills. 

Composting organic waste has many environmental benefits, including improving soil health, reducing our waste streams, and, most notably, helping reduce methane generation.

Over the last several years, our campus composting program has grown exponentially and has become a critical part of our waste reduction efforts on the University of Guelph central campus. 

Below you will find various links related to composting, including an overview of our current program, our progress to date, and resources on how to compost on and off campus. 

Campus Composting Initiatives & Resources

person holding a reusable bag
Composting on Campus
three stream waste bins
Front-Of-House Composting
a filled backyard bin
Outdoor Compost Bins
a filled backyard bin
Office Composting
a bowl of food
Composting Off-Campus
person emptying a compost bin
Our Compost Crew
waste wizard website page
UofG Waste Wizard
a person putting food into a compost bin
Compost 101