Bee Campus

Bee Campus Designation

With the global decline in pollinator populations, the University of Guelph recognized an opportunity to become a leader in protecting, promoting, and celebrating pollinators and ecological services.  

Thinking globally and acting locally, the University of Guelph became the second university in Canada to pledge a commitment to protect pollinators and their habitat.

Bee City Canada granted this designation. Bee City Canada is a charitable organization focused on fighting this global decline by enabling others to protect pollinators with local actions. 

Read our Bee Campus application here. Since the designation, there has been quite a buzz on the University of Guelph campus!


the bee city logo

our official bee campus certificate sits in a bed of flowers

Changing landscapes 

Our Grounds Department has taken the lead on enhancing and creating a pollinator-friendly landscape on campus by integrating pollinator-friendly plants and flowering tree species. To go along with these new plants, we're working to create educational signage for display around campus to educate and inform the threats to local pollinators and our efforts to protect them. We aim to have these up for Spring 2021. 

This designation continues to be student-led and supported. Students have taken the vision of a pollinator-friendly campus and brought it to life by leading a native-pollinator habitat creation project behind our largest student residence. 

The first phase of this project took place in October 2020. This phase included an initial plant of native species in two designated garden beds. We will be posting updates on the garden's progress in the spring of 2021 when we move into the second planting phase. 

If you're interested in getting involved with this hands-on pollinator project, please email Samantha at to be connected with the project's student leads. 

Celebrating Pollinators 

Pollinator Week is a week dedicated to celebrating and bringing attention to pollinators. We use this week to share ways to protect them at home and on-campus. The next Pollinator Week will take place from June 21-27, 2021

As a proud Bee Campus, we love to celebrate Pollinator Week by sharing resources, hosting events, and collaborating with Hospitality Services to promote pollinators through themed-desserts. 

Due to COVID-19, the Pollinator Week celebration in 2020 was held virtually. We recommend following our social media platforms such as our Facebook or Instagram as we share information about the actions we're taking on-campus to protect pollinators and sharing ways for you to celebrate and protect pollinators at home. Throughout the year, we will also be sharing updates on the other Bee Campus-related initiatives as they progress. 

Let's Protect Pollinators

Globally and in Canada, pollinators are under threat and need us to take action to protect them and their habitats. To learn about what actions you can take to protect pollinators and commit to those actions, we encourage you to sign Bee City Canada Pollinator Pledge.  

Everyone who signs the pledge appears on the Pollinator Protector map, and we want Guelph to be a leader on that map. 

But we don't want to stop there! We need your help spreading the word and making a "buzz" in Guelph, which you can do by using #PollinatorProtector and tag us in your posts. We will feature you on our social media and use your actions as inspiration for others to take action to protect pollinators.