Campus Tool Library

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Campus Tool Library

The Campus Tool Library (GTL) would be affiliated with the Guelph Tool Library – a community non-profit organization that provides access to a collection of tools commonly used in community agriculture and do-it-yourself construction projects to reduce the cost of improving and greening neighbourhoods. The GTL also diverts used tools and project materials from landfills by repurposing and reusing them.

A smaller tool library would be set up at an accessible location on the University of Guelph campus for student organizations, departments, and other campus-based groups to borrow tools for events, workshops or general programming. Note: This library would be separate from the Guelph Tool Library, as the UofG Sustainability Office will run it, and therefore, membership will be separate, though the Guelph Tool Library supports the initiative.

Examples of Tool Libraries: 

Guelph Tool Library

Kitchener Waterloo Library of Things


Lead the Campus Tool Library

We're looking for several Sustainability Ambassadors to assist in planning a pilot project for the campus tool library, which will launch in January 2023.  

For the fall semester, Sustainability Ambassadors will work to develop and plan the campus tool library pilot. This task will involve working with the Guelph Tool Library to co-design and develop the pilot. 

Are you interested in planning the pilot of the campus tool library? Email Sam (she/her) at to discuss leading the project.