Sustainability Ambassadors


A community bird-safe window initiative. 

A pollinator garden project. 

A digital sustainable fashion week.

A podcast focused on pressing sustainability initiatives. 

A campaign to implement green laboratory practices and programs. 

A student-led sustainability blog. 


What do these projects have in common? Well, our students at the University of Guelph are bringing these ideas to life through a shared vision for a sustainable future. Students are using the University of Guelph campus as a "living laboratory" to cultivate our sustainability culture and improve campus life.

We strongly believe students need to be partnered with and empowered through leadership opportunities that they help co-design. This program allows students to co-create volunteer opportunities that interest them and that work for their schedules. 


Who are the Sustainability Ambassadors?  


Sustainability Ambassadors are undergraduate and graduate students making a change on campus by leading or volunteering for action-focused projects. This program was created to help students develop, scale, and lead their solution-oriented projects. Many of these projects aim to target the root problems of many of today's most pressing sustainability issues. Any active leaders, as well as volunteers of the designated projects that are detailed below, are known as Sustainability Ambassadors.

So, if you have an idea for a sustainability-related project you'd like to bring to the University of Guelph, we're here to help. 

Why Become a Sustainability Ambassador? 

  1. You'll gain a greater understanding of campus and community sustainability. 
  2. You can learn how to mobilize other students, staff, and faculty to take action on pressing issues.
  3. You will have plenty of opportunities to earn eligible volunteer hours for your WWF Living Planet Leader certification.
  4. You'll have an opportunity to access mentorship and networking opportunities through the Sustainability Office. 
  5. You will receive first notifications to opportunities volunteering with the Sustainability Office's upcoming campaigns.
  6. You'll receive recognition as a sustainability leader on campus through the Sustainability Ambassador title. 
  7. You will develop professional and personal skills that can elevate your resume. 
  8. You'll get to connect with other like-minded students, staff, and faculty who are interested in tackling pressing sustainability issues. 
  9. You'll be helping foster and enhance the University of Guelph's unique sustainability culture. 
  10. You'll be shaping the future of the University of Guelph campus through contributing to action-oriented projects. 


Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador


The Sustainability Ambassador Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any academic program. 

 All projects are currently virtual so that volunteering can be done remotely. Most projects offer flexibility in terms of volunteer tasks based on your availability and schedule. 

Have an idea that you want to pitch to our program? or are you working on a project and need support and guidance? Please email to book a project development session. 

Want to stay updated with our projects? Email our Sustainability Ambassador Coordinators at to be added to our weekly newsletter list-serv.