UofG Free Store


The UofG Free Store

The UofG Free Store is a student-led, office-supported waste prevention initiative that allows University of Guelph community members to rehome unwanted items and pick up desired items free of charge. 

The UofG Free Store aims to divert usable items from ending up in a landfill by allowing things to be given a second life and rehomed to another University of Guelph community member. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the UofG Free Store was run as a monthly pop-up-style event where University of Guelph community members could leave items or pick up items from the setup location for a day. Items commonly found in the UofG Free Store included books, office/room decor, stickers and buttons, and ceramic mugs.

The UofG Free Store will host regular pop-ups in the University Centre this semester. 

Upcoming Pop-Ups

The UofG Free Store will return to the University Centre on Monday, April 17th and Tuesday, April 18th, from 11 am to 3 pm.

Accepted Items (the purpose of the Free Store is to rehome usable items that should not end up in a landfill):

  • Kitchenware (must be clean): small working countertop appliances, cups, plates, reusable mugs, etc.
  • Décor: wall art, art prints, hangers, picture frames, trinkets, etc.
  • Books & Textbooks (any date and style are accepted)
  • Storage: bins, pencil holders, plant pots, etc.
  • Small Electronics (must be working): keyboards, lamps, tabletop fans, small printers, etc.
  • Supplies: notebooks, stationary, backpacks
  • Arts Supplies: Yarn, fabric, clean paintbrushes, paint, canvas, etc.


Items NOT accepted (some items we will not accept due to sanitization concerns, spacing, capacity and the general safety of everyone) :

  • Textiles: clothing, rugs, curtains, pillows, bedding, etc.
  • Furniture or Large Appliances: Check out Guelph's ReStore or platforms like Kijiji to rehome your furniture or large appliances.
  • Food: Non-perishable items can be donated to the Guelph Student Foodbank. We will always accept donations for the Foodbank at our pop-ups.
  • Hazardous Materials: chemicals, cleaning products, etc.
  • Toiletries: shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc. If the toiletries are unopen, these can be donated to the Guelph Student Foodbank. We will always accept donations for the Foodbank at our pop-ups.

Note: This list serves as a guide for donations. We reserve the right to refuse any items not fit for donating! Please send us an email at sustainability@uoguelph.ca if you have questions regarding accepted items.

Get Involved 

To join the UofG Free Store's Planning Committee, please email Sam (she/her) at sustainability@uoguelph.ca.
The UofG Free Store Planning Committee meets weekly on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm.